Wife of Stas Mikhailov has publicly confessed her love for him

Жена Стаса Михайлова публично призналась ему в любви  Popular singer turned 48 years old. Stas Mikhailov morning accepting congratulations from friends, colleagues and relatives. Fans dedicated to the idol of social media posts, pictures and even poems.

Today, April 27, Stas Mikhailov celebrates 48 years. The celebrity receives gifts, flowers and compliments in his address. To say kind words to your near and dear in this day, hastened a star. They publish in Instagram photos with the birthday boy, adding to posts, wishes and funny stories from the life of the other.

But, of course, the most important congratulations for the honoree today was from the wife – Inna Mikhailova. She called a loved one a gift and thanked him for everything he does. Reading the record written in the microblog, it becomes clear how much she values her husband and is ready to support it.

“Sometimes I wonder its the luck of the draw and luck. I have you. For you I always keep myself in good shape, try to be better, always smiling to myself when I think of you. You promised to make me happy and he kept his word. Congratulations and love you, my dear. Happy birthday. God bless you,” wrote tender words to the address of Inna Stas.

Daughter Mikhailova eve too quick to write a post in honor of the head of the family. The girl surprised some users of the social network by posting such kind words and recognition. She told that is very glad to have such a kind person who will always come for help and support in any situation.

“Happy birthday to our beloved Stas Mikhailov! I’m so happy in my life there are people where you can be sure one hundred percent. You’re kind, wise, understanding, but most importantly, you have a huge heart! I love you very much and wish you all the best. Sounds corny, but I sincerely wish only the lightest! Thank you for everything!” – written by Eva.

On one side was left, and Inna Malikova. Many admirers of the Stas have known about his warm friendship with Inna and her family. From the published post, it becomes clear how much the woman values the communication with Mikhailov.

“Happy birthday, beloved friend! I heartily congratulate you and wish you good health. Health to all the family and friends, joy, happiness and love, creative victories and success. And, of course, God’s help in everything! I love very much!” – posted by Malikov.

Another friend could not leave this date unnoticed. Famous designer Igor Gulyaev Mikhailov for a long time as relative. The man said that is always ready to help, if necessary birthday, and also said that today will congratulate him personally. Most likely, already in the evening the guest of honor along with his wife gather friends for a table in his mansion.

“Today is the birthday of a wonderful person, my close friend Stas Mikhailov! Happy birthday, buddy! May the Lord God protects you, your family and gives you the opportunity to be one of the best in the country! Appreciate and always there! Everything else will tell in the evening. Fly to you” – wrote Igor Gulyaev.

Katya LEL wished his colleague in the shop for a long time to Shine on stage and keep the idyll in relations with his beloved wife ina. Singer, like other stars, admitted in a warm and friendly feelings towards the star.

“Beloved and dear Stas Mikhailov from the heart happy birthday! I wish you God’s blessing in all prosperity, happiness and inspiration for all! With love!” – addressed a touching birthday post Katya LEL.

Povaliy is not just a dedicated text in the microblog the idol of millions, but also highlighted its best qualities. People’s artist said that he did not know people like Mikhailov. See the tenderness and respect she refers to the man.

“Dear friend! Happy birthday! Talented, honest, charismatic… You are a unique person! Stay always so! All the best to you! God bless your whole big happy family! With love,” the singer wrote.