Wife of resident Comedy Club of Demis Karipidis is expecting her second child

Супруга резидента Comedy Club Демиса Карибидиса ждет второго ребенка This fall in the family of a comedian is born another baby. His wife Pelagia is located on the sixth month of pregnancy. She actively tells subscribers how changing its weight, and mood.
Супруга резидента Comedy Club Демиса Карибидиса ждет второго ребенка

Star Comedy Club Demis Karipidis will soon become a father for the second time. His wife Pelageya was pregnant. According to most women, she is now in her sixth month. The artist tried not to advertise the forthcoming replenishment of the family, but fans have guessed, examining the changing shape of the lady Karipidis.

In late July, the family of Demis rested on one of the resorts of Greece. They managed to visit Thessaloniki and Halkidiki, as well as enjoy the local cuisine. Pelageya was not afraid to take a trip abroad for a two-year Sofia. In the pictures shared wife of the showman, she posed in a wide tunics and dresses that hide her interesting position. However, some shots of women in bikinis is clearly visible rounded belly.

“The first pregnancy I was, of course, until recently, worn as if stung, and in this live I want to sleep and nothing more. All aside, focus on something extremely hard… as Much ashamed of myself,” admitted Pelagia.

Subscribers congratulations to a woman with an interesting position. “Children are happiness”, “What are you neat, do not even say that 27 weeks”, “Peaceful and comfortable waiting” – such comments have been left familiar Pelagia.

Recall that her daughter Sofia was born in 2015. Then the woman had to undergo a caesarean section. As later admitted the wife of the comedian, she wept, claiming that I hadn’t eaten ice cream in the Park alone with her beloved man.

“I was right. With the new baby, life changes and never gets old. It becomes more difficult, but it is filled with great meaning and love. In the background of this unconditional love is very easy to forget about everything else” – shared female experiences.

Parents loved the heiress. The first six months after the birth of Sophia, they tried not to show the baby to the public. The child misses her mom and dad when they have a long time to leave. Sometimes she even refuses to communicate with them.

“We are already a week and no, apparently, she was offended. Simply ignored throughout the conversation. I assume that she still does not understand the sense of that experience, and only the offense can Express their boredom,” said Pelageya in the microblog.