Wife Of Nikolay Noskov

Wife Of Nikolay Noskov

In Soviet times, Nikolay Noskov has achieved unprecedented popularity abroad, when performed in the group “Gorky Park”. For a Russian musician that was significant, but the success hasn’t gone to his head and forced to sozvezdiya. Constant entourage of beautiful girls it is also not spoiled – wife of Nikolay Noskov, share the happiness and sorrows for many years.

Marina Noskova, the wife

They met in the early nineties, in the town of Cherepovets, where were then still little-known singer. Marina celebrated the birthday of a friend, and Nicholas first sight fell in love with her blond hair and large eyes. After the feast and his speech Nikolai walked over to the girl and admitted in sympathy, and then asked permission to walk her home.

Wife Of Nikolay Noskov

Nikolay and Marina

At first, Marina did not want to accept his courtship, but later admitted that it was only stubbornness: the young man also immediately liked her.

The first thing that came to mind Nicholas at the sight of who his girlfriend was, “She will be my wife.”

Marina then scolded herself for such naive thoughts, but she, too, soon began to think about what I would like to connect my life with this person.

And they did – whether it was the second sense, or the purpose, but after two years of whirlwind romance, the couple were married. And in 1992 they had a daughter named Catherine.

Ekaterina Noskova – daughter

Catherine was a long-awaited child. Nikolay Noskov always wanted kids, but Marina for a long time it was impossible to get pregnant. When it became clear that they have a baby, Nicholas was in America. Then again, in the singer’s life happened almost a prediction: he dreamed that they have to be born a girl.

After the ultrasound all realized that the dream was prophetic.

Wife Of Nikolay Noskov

Nikolay Noskov with his daughter Kate

Despite the fact that then the biography of Nikolay Noskov has evolved as a biography of the superstar, he was tight. With the birth of the child the center of the personal life of Nikolai Noskov became his family.

As a child, Katya was very embarrassed of his father’s glory: she did not want to peers considered her to be spoiled with money and attention. So she even asked daddy to pick her up from school that he was not learned. In adolescence she realized that she can be proud of their father and never tried to hide it from others.

After high school, Catherine enrolled at the Plekhanov University and is now working in the profession. She is happily married and has two children who became Nicholas the long-awaited grandchildren.

Wife Of Nikolay Noskov

Nicholas leads daughter down the aisle

The family of Nikolay Noskov, supports him always and everywhere. Rare cases when in a family there is no conflict “fathers and children”, but this is the case. Daughter and father interested in psychology, they are together a few times I was in India and studied the local traditions, so they always have something to talk about.

Part of a family of Nikolay Noskov is his favorite Sheepdog named rose. The dog loves the master, following him everywhere.

Wife Of Nikolay Noskov

Nicholas and his beloved rose

“Understanding and love are the basis of this family” – so says the wife of Nikolay Noskov.

Nikolay Noskov now

As you know, in 2017, the singer was hospitalized with a severe attack. Later, from the media, fans were dismayed to learn that their idol had a stroke. The condition of Nicholas long remained difficult, making the experience of his family and friends.

Fortunately, a middle-aged musician was able to handle it, safely moving the operation to remove the cervical clot. Now he has almost overcome all the consequences of the disease.

For obvious reasons, Nicholas became less to appear in public and most of the time at home in the suburbs, resting and recovering.

Wife Of Nikolay Noskov

Nikolay Noskov home

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