Wife of Nicholas Karachentsova connects the accident with the evil rock

Супруга Николая Караченцова связывает ДТП со злым роком Lyudmila Porgina can’t forget the terrible accident that happened a few years ago. According to the woman, the collision with the car happened the day before, reminded her of the tragic events of 2005. Then Nikolai Karachentsov was seriously injured and underwent several operations.

      Супруга Николая Караченцова связывает ДТП со злым роком

      Monday, February 27, actor Nikolay Karachentsov has got in a serious accident in the suburbs. The car that was the star of cinema and theatre, collided with a cargo “Gazelle” and turned over. Together with a famous artist in the car was also his wife Lyudmila Porgina, nurse Nadezhda Sergeeva and cousin Elsa Ivlieva. All of them were hospitalized with injuries.

      Nikolai Karachentsov was injured in a car accident

      In a tragic coincidence of fate similar case happened to Karachentsovu twelve years ago, but then the consequences were more serious. In 2005 he received a terrible head injury and was in a coma for about a month. In addition, he had to undergo several difficult operations.

      During the conversation with journalists Lyudmila Porgina frankly told that I can not forget the previous accident. According to the actress, this time the blow was as strong as then. “It’s a miracle that on the opposite lane there were no cars, or — all, head-on collision and…” — she says.

      Lyudmila Andreevna has also shared that before going to the cinema was troubling her a bad feeling. Every time there February 28 — the date of a terrible tragedy for her family, a woman begins to worry.

      “I always have the previous day in a bad mood, always shaking. I’m afraid of that day. But I thought, just go to the movie, as it will shatter. Nadia, a nurse, by the way, didn’t want to go, like I felt. Yes, and I was shaking like never. Shaking from the thought that 12 years is a cycle. And here again the accident and another stroke on the right. Good thing he was wearing,” shared the woman.

      According to Porgina, driving a car that collided with their car the day before, there was a young man originally from Tajikistan. The woman is sure that accidents caused by his carelessness. Lyudmila Andreevna extremely emotionally reacted to the incident.

      “I he began to speak: “You my husband almost killed”, and he arrogantly began to shout that I am guilty. Now the machine is arrested, the investigation is now going with the documents to understand. The car is very sorry, goes, probably, for cancellation” – shared the actress.

      Lyudmila Andreevna also told reporters about how he feels for her husband. According to Porgina, Karachentsovu all right. Earlier, the doctors suspected that the actor received a concussion of the brain, however, their fears were not confirmed. Apparently, Nikolay Petrovich will be discharged soon. “It is very well kept, very brave man”, – quotes Porgina “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.