Wife of Nicholas Karachentsova collects million for his treatment

Супруга Николая Караченцова собирает миллион на его лечение The star of theatre and film have to go through costly procedures. About it journalists were told by his wife Lyudmila Porgina. Recently, the pair appeared at the event, hosted by Olga Kabo. According to Porgina, Karachentsov was it in the evening.
Супруга Николая Караченцова собирает миллион на его лечение

Nikolai Karachentsov courageous fight with cancer. Despite the heavy diagnosis, star of theater and film is not abandoning secular life. Recently, the artist visited the evening in honor of the 50th anniversary of Olga Kabo. Karachentsov was published together with his wife Lyudmyla Parginos. The wife of Nikolai Petrovich told reporters about how he feels.

According to Porgina, for my husband’s treatment will require a round sum. In the spring the couple are going to go abroad to undergo an expensive procedure.

“Nick was the fifth cycle of chemotherapy. Since the surgery our doctors refused to do, the last thing left is radiation therapy. At the end of March going into Jerusalem, where is the best place in the world doing this procedure. And before that go through the sixth cycle of chemotherapy. It cost 1 million rubles. Collect your money, I think, the Foundation of Nikita Mikhalkov will help,” – said Lyudmila Andreevna reporters.

As the wife of a famous actor, he is dedicated and believes that he will be able to overcome severe illnesses. Lyudmila Porgina tries to support her husband. “Nick gives me confidence that we kill cancer cells. Says, “I am strong! All can!” she said.

Nikolai Karachentsov was pleased with the event, staged by Olga Kabo. Once the actors worked together, and they even attributed the novel. According to Porgina, her husband is kind to all his on-screen partners. Cabo does not forget his colleagues. Well-known artist often calls up with Lyudmila Andreevna and is interested in the status of Nikolai Petrovich.

“Very rarely, when a beautiful actress and with brains. In her birthday we raised a glass of champagne, and drank to the health of her children – daughter Tanya and son Victor. Oli after a difficult fate: divorced husband Eduard Vasilishin, she raised her daughter, gave her choreographic education” – shared Porgina to reporters.

Lyudmila Andreevna added that Olga Kabo invited her and her husband on the anniversary for a month. Doctors recommended Karachentsov take care of yourself and try not to go out during a flu epidemic. However, for the sake of old acquaintance, Nikolai Petrovich and his wife decided to make an exception, as later regretted. “The evening was emotional,” said Polina “Express newspaper”.

We will remind that Nikolay Karachentsov was diagnosed with a malignancy in his lung. Serious star diagnosis became known last fall. “The tumor is not operable. But we hope for the best,” said Lyudmila Porgina.