Жена Михаила Ефремова выгораживает мужа после его пьяных выходок Scandalous performance of the actor in Samara to discuss the many stars. However, the wife of Mikhail Yefremov is sure that her husband has a responsible approach to work. She hoped that the rumors about the misconduct of the artist do not correspond to reality.
Жена Михаила Ефремова выгораживает мужа после его пьяных выходок

7 Mar Mikhail Efremov acted on the stage of the Samara drama theatre. The show called “don’t be a stranger” was delayed for 35 minutes. As it turned out, it was the fault of the actor, which supposedly came on the scene under the influence. This was reported by several of the indignant spectators. But the man categorically denied his guilt.

Ephraim’s wife Sofya Kruglikova said he did not believe the rumors. According to the young woman, her husband has long been drinking before performances, as a responsible attitude to work.

“He loves the theatre. A fanatic of his work. I do not think that before the show he was drinking. He shooting a long time seriously. But he’s a hothead. Someone could not understand, to offend. Could get nasty, and he hates that and always responds very harshly. I think what happened is a response to something inappropriate. Hard to believe that describe the “eyewitnesses”. Half – lies. Misha, of course, could speak, if any of the conditions of the host party was not fulfilled. It his words do not climb”, – shared his opinion Kruglikova.

Sophia said that he would pray for a quick resolution of the conflict situation. “Let the one who fanned this scandal, who blackened my husband, I’m sorry. In any case, I don’t see this as a nightmare,” said a young woman.

The scandal that occurred in the theater, instantly drew attention from the public. Many fans of the actor have condemned him for his disrespect to the audience and unwillingness to admit their own guilt. About the incident in Samara spoke and Stanislav Sadalsky. He is in a humorous vein, commented on the possible dependence of Ephraim.

“Why do you think they are telling the truth? Why do you believe one side (my aunt’s Facebook) and don’t believe the other? There is such a thing as interaction — if the person in the image speaks to the audience. Another thing is that the play Pinter terrible and boring is absolutely not at the time. Misha is a brilliant actor,” said Sadalsky.

Also about the behavior of the actor hastened to speak, the Minister of culture of the Samara region. Sergey Filippov has confirmed that attended the performance, but he absolutely did not like. He also expressed the hope that Efremov apologize to the audience.

“On a recent show with the participation of Mikhail Efremov. Performance commercial, his organization, the Ministry of culture had no relationship, there was no support. On the play I was like an ordinary viewer. To leave the play do not have the habit, even if you don’t like. The trick Ephraim believe ugly. I hope that the leadership of the “Contemporary” will find a way to apologize to the Samara public. The choice of repertoire on the conscience of the organizers, me the play was not liked,” said Filippov.

By the way, Yefremov stressed that will no longer comment on the situation. Dealing with “KP” the actor’s wife Sofya Kruglikova said that he believes in his innocence.