Супруга Константина Хабенского планирует выход в декрет Home theatre actress looking for a replacement. The wife of Konstantin Khabensky Olga Litvin temporarily leave his beloved work, to thoroughly prepare for childbirth.

      Супруга Константина Хабенского планирует выход в декрет

      Konstantin Khabensky and Olga Litvinova preparing for a very important event in my life. By summer, the couple will become parents. Who will be born – boy or girl – stars is not yet disclosed. However, it is known that very soon Olga will interrupt his artistic career at the Moscow art theatre named after Chekhov, where she works together with Constantine.

      Interestingly, parents already prepare for the advent of the baby born. So, Knightley has already started to equip a children’s room in a new Metropolitan residential complex “swallowtail”. “Constantine is really last year bought an apartment in our house,” confirmed “StarHit” Ashot Stepanyan, the head of the sales Department.

      Constantine chose an apartment on the 15th floor of 140 square meters. Its cost is estimated in the sum about 70 million roubles. It is known that the complex has round the clock security. The first three floors are medical office, a kindergarten, a swimming pool and a beauty salon. Rise in tenants apartments with “smart” elevators. The principle of operation is as follows – the landlord applies the key, and bring it to the right place. It is noteworthy that shortly before buying a new house artist sold a two-bedroom apartment on Prospekt Vernadskogo in which he lived for many years.

      Litvinova while another enters the scene, however now she dedicates the work not so much time. Say, previously, Olga has been involved in two productions, but now it can only be seen in one performance. Meanwhile, Litvinov actively involved in various creative evenings devoted to outstanding personalities. In addition, in early April, she will travel together with the Mariinsky Opera company on tour in St. Petersburg. Meanwhile, according to “7 days”, the theater was looking for a replacement actress.

      By the way, the actor also has a son Ivan from his first marriage. The boy lives with his grandmother in Barcelona. Father visits them quite often. Some time ago in the order of “Stargate” got pictures, which made the mother late wife of Constantine during his meetings with his son. The photo shows that Bob and his dad are happy to spend time together.

      Konstantin Khabensky often flies to son in Barcelona. PHOTO

      It is worth noting that the boy grows active and sociable. Vanya goes to school in Barcelona, where he already has his circle of friends. It is obvious that grandmother doted on their grandson and proud of his little achievements.

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