Wife of Kevin costner almost got eaten by a shark

Жену Кевина Костнера чуть не съела акула
The actor did not want to be seen as a hero.

Kevin costner and Christine Baumgarten

Photo: Fotodom.ru

Published in German weekly “Bild am Sonntag” recently told its readers about the heroic Kevin costner, who saved his wife
Christine Baumgarten from sharks. Journalists described the story very beautifully: “Kevin and Christine decided to have a little swim
off the coast of Santa Barbara with scuba diving. Costner and suddenly saw a giant — like
the minimum four-meter — white
the man-eater. She opened wide
its horrible toothy jaws and lunged at Christine. Kevin had no choice
how to push the wife aside and leap at the beast. He punched the monster in the nose and
he, surprisingly, ate actor, and preferred to retire…”

Of course, readers
weekly bombarded the editors with letters, admiring the courage of the actor. Alas, to their extreme disappointment, costner acted with a refutation. 60-year-old actor admitted that he would be very flattered to be a hero but he still has to restore
the truth.

“The story is only half true: my wife actually attacked
shark. Christine was surfing with one of our mutual friends. And suddenly she saw the back and fin of a huge fish, which is rapidly approaching
to her “Board”. Shark were going so fast that, once three feet from Christine, raised a wave. And, as the wife was near the surf, its this wave literally threw
ashore. Then my wife confessed that for a long time could not recover from
the horror. I, unfortunately,
was very far away — on the set in London, so could not help
Christine… ” said costner during a TV show on American

Christine Baumgarten —
the second wife of actor. With his first wife Silvia, mother of three of his senior
daughters, but divorced in 1994 after 16 years of marriage. Christine costner married in 2004. Baumgarten happy
Kevin have two children. Senior — Cadena Wiatu now for 18 years, medium — Hayes Logan is 16, and youngest daughter grace.
last summer, celebrated its 15th birthday.

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