Wife of Joseph Kobzon clarified the situation with his health

Супруга Иосифа Кобзона прояснила ситуацию с его здоровьем On the eve of the information appeared that the singer had a seizure. “StarHit” decided to contact the wife of Joseph Kobzon Nelli to find out the real situation. As it turned out, the actor was forced to skip the concert, but now he’s fine.

      Супруга Иосифа Кобзона прояснила ситуацию с его здоровьем

      On the eve of the legendary singer Joseph Kobzon could not attend the concert in Moscow that was organized by the famous artist Alexander Gradsky. A former mentor show “the Voice” explained the lack of variety of by the fact that Joseph Davidovich suddenly revealed health problems. After that there were conversations that Kobzon was another attack. “StarHit” contacted relatives of the singer to find out what actually happened to the artist.

      “Nothing terrible happened, he had a cold, had a runny nose. He did not go to the event, and, of course, apologized to the City. Well, it happens to everyone”, – has dispelled rumors of a serious illness the wife of Joseph Davydovich Kobzon Nelli.

      Now people’s artist of 79 years. Despite its venerable age, he is still at work and can’t for a long time to sit idle. He admitted that it would be hard without a scene. Iosif Kobzon: “I am a happy man!”

      “I don’t know how to relax. Just can’t sit at home – boring. Without a scene and concerts I am hard. When on vacation turn on the TV and see how my colleagues work, I feel useless bum is sad. Besides the sea, I do not like. And nally, on the contrary, with the beach and not pull. A few hours at home I spend with a book in hand – I have a big library,” admitted “StarHit” pop singer.

      Also married couple prefers to spend time in fellowship with loved ones – children and grandchildren. Daughter Natalia with her husband and four heirs live in London, but they often visit your parents. Kobzon prefer to travel only with a purpose.

      “Joseph Davydovich does not like non-business travel. Tourism is not his. So he prefers to live in Moscow, where hard at work. For many gatherings, too, does not recognize – spend time usefully. Here the theatre and the cinema, the husband respects, especially Russian films. Every year we are at the festival “Kinotavr”, he goes to all the views as a job. Recently there was a funny incident. Got out with my husband to the theater… Come, and he told me: “Nellie, what’s wrong with you?” It turned out we had already seen this performance. Try as often as possible to meet my friends,” admitted Nelly Mikhailovna.