Супруга Иосифа Кобзона выступила с обращением после тревожной новости
What request was made by the wife of National artist to the fans?

Joseph Kobzon with his wife


This morning in the media space velocity spread the news that Joseph Kobzon was in a coma and on assisted ventilation. Close of the people’s artist refused to comment on this information. But some time ago, Nelly Kobzon made an official statement in which he stated that he would not discuss the public details of illness of a beloved husband.

“I am very grateful to all the people — so much warmth, so much love. The Internet says a lot of good. I would therefore ask all who are concerned, continue to desire Joseph Davydovich good, good energy and good health. You have no idea how many people: loved ones, and another call, worried, asked. Call the office call each other, texting… — quotes Nelly Kobzon KP. But physically I can’t answer calls. Because, you know, I’m busy and I’d rather something useful to do for Joseph Davidovich… And I would like to say that anyone of any statements (regarding the health of her husband) do not. And never did. Just not into it. It is my firm belief. Because human health is a private matter of himself, family and close friends. And so if someone reads or hears that I made a statement about the state of health or about any of the procedures… This is — not true. I have these statements did not and never will not do that!”

Shortly before this information on what Joseph Davidovich is in a coma denied the sister of artist Helen Kandel. According to her statement, Kobzon is on the planned treatment and reasons for concern. “He’s supposed treatment for his illness,” she said.