Жены Ивана Краско смогли найти общий язык Natalia is no longer in conflict with ex-spouse of the actor. Ivan Krasko notes that ex-fiancee did not prevent him to build a relationship. The man hopes that the family will remain in the past.
Жены Ивана Краско смогли найти общий язык

A few weeks ago, Natalia Shevel demanded that the sons of Ivan Krasko from a previous relationship passed the DNA test. The girl didn’t believe that her husband could have come two sons after 70 years. However, the examination proved the paternity of the actor.

It seemed that after that the girl will not be able to find a common language with the former beloved husband Natalia Vial. Soon Krasko appeared with ex-wife at the election of the President of the Russian Federation, heated rumors about the family reunion. Ivan a few days did not give any comments about the situation, but later decided to speak about relationships with their women.

“Seriously – my position in this tripartite Union – so, we have the triple Alliance – I am grateful to Natalia Nikolaevna for these wonderful children, it cannot be overemphasized. And I want my Natasha became friends and I realize that I both love,” said the actor.
Жены Ивана Краско смогли найти общий язык

Ex and current wife accompanied Ivan during the interview. According to them, they have a time there is no conflict. Moreover, Natalia Vial was delighted when I found out about the new marriage of the former husband. According to the young women, she wanted to make the man happy.

“Listen, it’s a show. I actually gasped when my former husband had Natasha. When we parted, he in every interview said – I expect my wife will come back to me. But I knew that from my side this is impossible. And now, after four years of solitude next to them a man who would do his well-being will make Ivan his personal happiness,” – shared his thoughts Well.

A young woman is convinced that the current darling of the paint genuinely loves him. The Shevel now trying to accept the scrutiny Well to their family. According to the girl, ex-wife of Ivan Ivanovich regularly calling him, but with good intentions. Parents discuss issues directly related to the education of their sons.

“I’m struggling. Working on myself to accept this fact. I understand that it is the former family, there are children, and I have to accept the fact that mom calls dad. In the morning and evening. And I see that Ivan is physically with me, but the thoughts are there in the family. But I can’t affect it”, – said Natalia.

According to the girl, she had a good relationship with the heirs of the husband. However, it is not very close with the boys. Natalia tries not to intervene in educational aspects, because it should deal with parents.

At the very Ivan Ivanovich, in his words, not for a moment had any doubt about the paternity. The man agreed to participate in the examination to calm his ex-wife and current. Dealing with “KP” he admitted that he loves Natalia Shevel and not even thinking about a return to ex-beloved.