Wife of Ivan Krasko made his children from a previous marriage to undergo a DNA test

Жена Ивана Краско заставила его детей от прошлого брака пройти ДНК-тест Natalia doesn’t believe that he could be born two sons after 70 years. Krasko wife and the mother of his children Natalia found out all contentious issues. A young bride finds that Val wants to take her husband.
Жена Ивана Краско заставила его детей от прошлого брака пройти ДНК-тест

The Studio program “actually” met two wives of Ivan Krasko: Natalia, who now lives with the actor and his ex-wife Natalia Vial. The current darling of the artist believes that children, born to his last marriage were born not from him.

“I will never give my Ivan in anyone’s hands. I have a lot of questions I want to ask ex-wife. What exactly she wants from my family,” said Natalia.

Wall maintains good relations with the paint, as it deals with education of children. “I have no right to Ivan as a spouse. He ex-husband. But beloved the father of my children,” said the woman.

Current wife negatively reacts to what Natalie calls a lot of ex-wife, claiming that it was “too much” in their lives. Val insists: return of the actor she doesn’t want.

“I accept the idea that the children of Ivan Ivanovich, not yours,” he dared to say Natalia.
Жена Ивана Краско заставила его детей от прошлого брака пройти ДНК-тест

As told Well, they broke up with Ivan Ivanovich and for domestic issues. Natalia broke up with her husband, fell in love with another man. She admitted it Krasko. However, the woman never loved the man. Star argues that, wanted to have children, and therefore agreed to marry him.

Natalia Krasko decided on a DNA test, because she doubted that in 74 years you can become a father. His ex-wife agreed to this procedure. Well regret the divorce with the artist. Then she lived in marriage for five years with a man that she walked away from Ivan.

It is known that part of the apartment Krasko rewrote Val and his children. Valentina Titova, who was an expert on the transfer of condemned Natalia. According to her, the woman should be ashamed of the fact that the spouse left without shelter.

Natalia Krasko sure Wall wants to be in her place. Experts revealed: she wants to return to Ivan. The artist’s wife’s suffering that he allocates more money to the ex spouse and children.

Ivan Ivanovich appeared in the Studio, to intervene in the situation. The actor claims that his Natasha was jealous of the children. According to Krasko, the previous wife she was to blame in the disintegration of their family.

Natalia told him personally about the procedure of DNA, which she did. Ivan only chuckled. The actor also answered a number of questions on the lie detector. Experts said that he himself had doubts about the relationship with children. “Everyone would be better if we know the truth,” said Natalia.

Wall claims that children were born from it. According to the DNA dexto, the results of which are called Dmitry Shepelev, Fedor is the son of artist with a probability of 99, 9%. Vanya could not go on the study, as it is in a sanatorium.

Natalia Krasko expressed his joy on this occasion.