Супруга Ивана Краско резко состарилась Natalia Shevel has published in Instagram photo that has caused outcry among subscribers girls. According to most, the wife of people’s artist of Russia chose a very bright makeup. Natalia explained, with associated external changes.
Супруга Ивана Краско резко состарилась

Three years ago, the national actor of Russia Ivan Krasko married the young artist Natalia Shevel. The public reacted with disbelief to the marriage of a celebrity. The reason for that is a huge age difference between the spouses. 60 years! But the lovers argue that the feeling between them sincere.

Natalia is on Instagram. Periodically, the girl publishes photos of working moments, from the shooting of talk-show or just professional photographs. New frame Shevel has caused confusion among fans of the actress.

Супруга Ивана Краско резко состарилась

“Natasha! You are insanely beautiful, young woman! But the impression after the last photo, that you old! What happened? At the beginning of the profile you are such a gentle spring,” “And I think you and the makeup is overdone. You are only 28”, “I also think, powder or concealer was not in your favor. And the shadow fell so bad,” said the Network users.

Natalia decided to meet the fans. The girl explained that for the sake of the caused bright makeup.

“At the beginning of the profile I was 20 years old, and today 28… what do you think? Time should something change? The camera eats up everything, of course, make needs to be strong,” said Natalia.

We will remind, Ivan Krasko, Natalya got married in the fall of 2015. Lovers are literally impressed the public with message about marriage and are faced with condemnation. Many trials fell to the lot of unconventional families. First they tried to establish a joint life, then Ivan Ivanovich began to have serious vision problems. The beloved folk artist is often accused of infidelity. However, Natalia calmly responds to the gossip of ill-wishers, several times she participated in a talk show, defending his honor, and even passed check on the lie detector. The young wife of Ivan Krasko: “I could marry an oligarch, but didn’t want to change myself”