Wife of Igor Krutoy worried about his health

Жена Игоря Крутого обеспокоена его здоровьем Olga warns the wife from excessive stress. In the beginning of family life it was she who insisted that Igor Krutoy played sports. Now the composer can’t stop – he believes that obliged to look always fit.
Жена Игоря Крутого обеспокоена его здоровьем

The famous composer Igor Krutoy lives with his wife Olga for 22 years. The couple are happy that you found happiness with each other after they got experience from previous marriages. For many fans, their family is exemplary. As it turned out, at the beginning of life together Olga tried to change what she didn’t like her husband, thanks to her Igor Yakovlevich began to play sports. Now, however, it even discourages him from excessive loads, fearing a negative reaction of his body.

“Wherever I was, trying in the morning to run, to play sports. Before Olga insisted on it, now sometimes she resists, saying, “Enough already, you’re pale, why torturing yourself? Remember that you’re not 18?” But I want to be in shape. On the one hand, children on the other – the young wife, with the third I go on stage, starring on television, can not afford to blossom, to grow a belly,” says Cool.
Жена Игоря Крутого обеспокоена его здоровьем

Olga tried to influence the style of the famous spouse. She confessed that has always been a fashionista, but because I wanted to develop a good taste of her husband. The composer’s wife wondered why he still like to dress up and look. Now, years later, she’s happy that he achieved his goal.

Жена Игоря Крутого обеспокоена его здоровьем“When we met, I wanted Igor pay more attention to themselves. But he was not up to the veneer, quite a relaxed attitude to how it looks, dresses up, picked up the, put on and went. In this sense I the person absolutely another, has always been a fashionista, could not understand him, so I said, so they have to do. Igor gradually became important as it looks. And now his jackets Packed closet. Says: I need this. Stop it already,” he thought, Cool.
Жена Игоря Крутого обеспокоена его здоровьем

Interestingly, Igor Yakovlevich is not opposed to any changes in his life brings his wife. He listened to her wise counsel and was always interested in her opinion. The musician believes that understanding each other is the happiness of family life. Despite the fact that usually the couple try to adopt a hobby each other, the couple told the magazine “Antenna-Telesem” that passion of Olga skiing Steep and not inspired.

“Recently traveled to France to Courchevel with Sasha and Igor, we were riding, my daughter even on the Board tried it, and he did not. Said, my plans are planned for two years, have no right to retire from the system,” recalled the wife of the composer.