Wife of Igor Krutoy was prepared for him a special gift

Жена Игоря Крутого приготовила для него особый подарок Celebrity long worked on creating a men’s perfume. She wanted to do something nice for my husband to come up with something original that will only he made by her hands with the tastes of the celebrity. Today, the Creator admits that he wanted to treat the wife with an unusual gift and she succeeded.

The wife of a famous composer for many years it was thought unusual surprise for a loved one. She wanted to give something memorable, romantic, easy. And here’s Olga with the new invention. Information about men’s perfume appeared on her page in Instagram. The woman, who has done a great job with the joy of shared success with subscribers.

“Woman is an actress and her main role is to inspire a man! On flavor I’ve worked with the legendary perfumer Nejla Barbir, who created Christian Dior Dune for her and that I could trust the mystery of the creation of his fragrances,” wrote Olga in his microblog.

Olga admits that for her the most important to be a woman, beloved wife, mistress of her husband. The fragrance she created to present a gift to Igor. However, the true connoisseurs of her work and do not get off this toilet water. After the publication of the post in Instagram, followers began to intersovatsya if they can get perfume.


In order to surprise wife Olga enlisted the support of the French perfumer Neely, Barbir. She met many years ago. French and Russian immediately became friends and found common interests that later turned into a hobby. The wife of the composer once confessed that he had long wanted to create a gift for my husband – a perfume that would smell their family. By the way, this recognition was made six years ago. So, caring wife deserves compliments. She embodied his dream into reality long and hard.

Cool has admitted that their Union with Igor is like a fairy tale. This love story began 20 years ago. Then the woman lived in America, was married and had a daughter. The composer came to the States for a concert. There they met. Distance could not prevent their love. It would seem that the separation only strengthened their Union. Today, this pair called one of the most harmonious in show business.