Жена Игоря Крутого шокировала снимком в купальнике
Olga demonstrated a striking figure.

Olga Cool

Photo: @Instagram olgakroutoi Olga Cool

Wife of Igor Krutoy every year looks slimmer and slimmer. Recently 54-year-old Olga has demonstrated a stunning figure. A picture of the composer’s wife posing in the hat and red swimsuit was made in Italy.

Beauty Olga admired users of the Network who has not stinted on the compliments. Muse Cool called “ideal female beauty”. “Wow, what a figure! Class! What’s the secret?”, “I admire you! You beauty!”, “Olga, you look great! Great figure! You are a role model,” wrote Olga.

Someone of the members, however, questioned the reality of the picture: don’t sugarcoat it, whether Olga your appearance in photoshop? But, it is worth noting that the wife of Igor Yakovlevich regularly demonstrates her perfect form in person by appearing at social events in translucent outfits.

Now the Coolest family on a sailing holiday off the coast of Sardinia. A week later he will celebrate his 64th birthday. Last year, he gathered his closest friends in the reception organized on the French Riviera. It is not excluded that this year he will celebrate a personal holiday in Italy.