Wife of Grigory Leps told about his romantic exploits

Жена Григория Лепса поведала о его романтических подвигах A man ready to overcome any obstacles in order to please his beloved. Grigory Leps lives with his wife Anna for over 17 years. The woman admits that during the marriage they had a serious quarrel, because they’re perfect for each other.

Renowned musician and producer John legend for 17 years, lives with his wife Anna. To fans, their marriage seems perfect – a couple with three children. The woman admits that during married life she and her husband have no major quarrels. The wife of Leps said that from the beginning they considered themselves soul mates. Now the pair is also providing each other nice attentions.

“If we both and romance in moderation. The colors he gives me not – and so we have the whole house in them. For Grisha token – not flowers and jewelry,” – says the wife of Grigory Leps.

However, a close friend of Anna Tatiana told really touching case, which clearly demonstrates their attitude. Last year, when the musician went to Austria on tour, his wife went to celebrate a birthday with friends in Italy.

“And now, the time is 23:45, to the restaurant car pulls up, and out POPs Gregory shouting: “Time, time!” He deliberately drove half a day from Vienna, that at midnight to congratulate Anya and go back,” said Tatiana.

Gregory and Anna met when the woman was working in a team Laima Vaikule dancer. Leps came to one of the performances of the actress, where he spotted his future wife. However, the meeting occurred six months later. Anna confesses that she was always surrounded by a large number of fans, but she remained inaccessible and kept everyone at a distance. After some time from the beginning of the communication, the woman realized that Gregory is just the man she needed.

“I was critical of a certain set of qualities in one person he combined that is important to me. Gregory was a puzzle, and it doesn’t matter, show business or some other business. To understand this at once is impossible — this is the question about the distance that I have for some time held. But in the end we got the marriage that we built a big house, then production centre — and have never had a fight in the process. No one believes,” said Anna in an interview Woman.ru.