Wife of Grigory Leps showed a figure in a swimsuit

Жена Григория Лепса показала фигуру в купальнике Anna Leps rest in Italy. The wife of Grigory Leps has published a photograph of her basking under the sun. The followers were surprised that frame women and even confused her with her older daughter Eva.
Жена Григория Лепса показала фигуру в купальнике

Wife of a famous musician Gregory Leps Anna was struck by subscribers in the social network of unexpected photography. It woman posing in a bathing suit. The wife of the artist lies in the sun in a stylish black swimsuit with a plunging neckline. Network users have delighted with this picture, and hastened to make compliments to Anna. The followers noted that she is in fine form, and some even confused her with her older daughter Eva.

“You are a beautiful woman! That’s a great photo!”, “What an original picture! So much grace, very stylish Anya, you’re beautiful!” “Evie is very similar. Insanely beautiful”, “Anna, is that you? Very nice!” – wrote the followers women.

Now Anna together with children has a rest in Italy. She spends time in the company of the heirs. Spouse Gregory Leps shares colorful pictures from vacation and talks about how passes their leisure.

Wife of a famous musician admitted that in their family are clearly divided areas of responsibility – the artist cares about the financial welfare of the family, and Anna raising children.

“Grisha grew up in similar families, so that all long learned the truth took initially. The system of education we have is not hard: we criticize the children, and encourage. Guilty remains without a TV. Computers, social networks – all dosed,” – said “StarHit” the choice of the Leps.

Now the eldest daughter of Gregory and Anna Eva 15, Nicole 10, and Ivan was seven. Also singer she is a heir from the first marriage of Inga. The girl dabbled as a singer and even came to the casting show “the Voice” last year. However, if the father advised her to study more to succeed. Not so long ago, she participated in the filming of the video production center of the ward of Grigory Leps, Alexander Panayotov. Inga was the main heroine of the video. Alexander Panayotov does not hide his feelings for the daughter of Grigory Leps

The younger children of the famous musician is also interested in music. However, despite the fact that many celebrities encourage heirs to the scene, the couple don’t want daughter and son chose a creative profession.

“My husband has a desire that the family was no longer artists. Show business is his world, partly cruel. Want the kids chose the case for everyone. Girls for the overall development play the piano,” admitted Anna.