Wife of George Clooney refused to give birth to more children

Cупруга  Джорджа Клуни отказалась рожать  еще детей
The actor admitted that his friends laughing at him.

George Clooney with wife


George Clooney, who usually does not like to dwell on his personal life, in your
a recent interview decided to openly talk about how he is doing
your new role – father.

“You know,
I never wanted kids, even after he met Amal. And only
when we got married, I thought, “I’m so happy, I always so lucky —
with roles that I could find the perfect life partner — my wife … Maybe
to try to test again my and Amal luck and to share it with our children?” — said the actor.

by the way, although all were convinced that the actor’s wife has given birth to the result
carried out the IVF procedure, the actor swears that it all happened naturally.
After all, the main argument in favor of the fact that Amal gave birth to “children of
the tube” was the fact that she gave birth to twins. After all, women who
has managed to conceive using IVF, is more likely to be mothers than one child. But
as told Amal, in her family twins are born more than once. That sister wife
George — Tala — also has two kids, born in one

as Clooney admitted, initially, the news that he will
be the father of the twins left him in shock. “I remember when we went to Amal to
another procedure ultrasound, the doctor told us: “So, I see one child with him
it’s all good. And here’s another one!” “What
?!?” — I yelled. And then speechless. I stupidly
looked at the piece of paper on which was contained the description of the results of ultrasound and
I couldn’t believe my eyes. Frankly, until the very end, until
when our children were born I was sure this is some mistake!” – told Clooney.

now, three months after the birth of Ella and Alexander, George quite
adapted to his role as a father. He is helping his wife than can, in particular, diligently
change diapers to kids. So because of this, he even became a target for exercise
the wit of their old friends. “You know, I deserved it. Fact I years
made fun of those of my buddies who started a family…”

as for further plans for the expansion of the family of the actor, this
he disappointed his fans. The emergence of new little Clooney in his plans not
appear. Amal told George that the dream of expanding the family
it is not necessary. “I am already 39 years old. And so I’m long overdue with the birth of kids!” —
categorically said Amal.