Wife of George Clooney has responded to rumors about her husband’s infidelity

Жена Джорджа Клуни отреагировала на слухи об измене своего мужа
Amal took the actor away from the temptations of Hollywood

Жена Джорджа Клуни отреагировала на слухи об измене своего мужа

George Clooney with wife Amal

Photo: Splash News/East news

George Clooney and his wife are leaving
America to relocate to the UK. They decided now to live in the acquired
they house in Oxfordshire on a permanent basis. This message appeared shortly
after it became known that a Grand renovation, which they started in their
the house, finally finished.

Actually the couple had long planned to move to Oxfordshire.
However, recent events — when in the overseas press there were pictures of George, kissing someone else’s wife, and the subsequent rumors that he
cheating on his wife, Amal forced to expedite the move. Not that Mrs. Clooney seriously
believed in the infidelity of her husband, however, she apparently decided just in case to take
spouse away from the temptations of Hollywood.

George and his wife bought a house built in the 17th century,
in 2014, the year 10, 6 million pounds. And although at that time the mansion was in a great
condition and it was already equipped with quite a lot of modern amenities like
gym, sauna and home cinema, the couple decided a major renovation
and alterations. And their plan included in itself as the house itself and its adjacent
to it the territory. George and his wife decided to build outside of the main
building a pavilion with indoor pool, boat house and storage room
“the Plav. funds”. In addition, it was decided to equip a large tennis court.

It is not surprising that such large-scale work demanded so
a lot of time. Moreover, only one permit for alterations
the building, declared monument of architecture, it took a whole year! But
now, when the work is completed, local residents can breathe a
relief. They’re just worn out during that time from the constant rumble,
produced construction equipment on the estate of Cluny. Now that
the work was completed, the neighbors Clooney can finally enjoy the quiet.

the house of George Clooney and Amal in England

Photo: Splash News/East news

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