Wife of Garik Martirosyan brought the fan to the hospital

Жена Гарика Мартросяна довела фанатку до больницы
Risible Muscovite reposted on the operating table.

Photo: Instagram

Janna Levin-Martirosyan, the wife of one of the most popular residents of “Comedy Club”, each year becoming more popular person in the Network. Her blog, of course, can not be compared with those resulting Garik, the number of subscribers, but at a concentration of humour in every post, far outweighs.

This is particularly were able to “appreciate” one of their groupies Janna and Garik. It turns out, the girl laughed so hard after the surgery, reading the opus of Jeanne that she had split the seams! Well, in that moment, she was in the hospital, and she was able to provide prompt assistance. After everything that happened, she decided to put the wife Martirosyan informed.

“Good day, Jeanne! — quoted letter subscribers will Ms. Martirosyan. — Your fault, I was twice on the operating table. A few days ago I was hospitalized with a bout of acute appendicitis. Recovering from the anesthesia, I accidentally found your account on Instagram, and “stuck” on it. From reading I laugh broke the stitches and I was again operated on. I’m home for two days. With me all is well. Just wanted to say Hello from operating rooms and intensive care unit at the Morozov hospital. At first they laughed at me, and then everyone began to laugh with in AC. I thought you will be pleased to know it.”

Jeanne appreciated the humor of his fans and published this letter in his blog.

“I’m glad my followers — people with a good sense of humor!” she says.