Жена Эммануила Виторгана намерена родить еще одного ребенка The actor revealed details of his third paternity. Emmanuel Vitorgan incredibly happy for the addition to the family. He noted that his girlfriend has already started talking about a new pregnancy, which is very surprising artist.
Жена Эммануила Виторгана намерена родить еще одного ребенка

Just a couple of weeks ago, Emmanuil Vitorgan and his wife Irina Mlodik became parents. The couple had a daughter called Ethel. The star couple kept the details of pregnancy, therefore, about the interesting position of women do not know even their close friends.

In a recent interview for the program “You wouldn’t believe!” Emmanuel Vitorgan confirmed that his wife was giving birth to itself. They had to resort to IVF, but the long-awaited appearance of the baby into the light became an incredible joy for both parents.

“The girl was born a true big man. Weighed more than 4,600 grams, height 54 cm. She probably felt that her father is tall and strong man, decided to follow our family tradition. My wife, of course, incredibly happy. After the girl was born a week later, she told me that he wants another. No matter boy or girl. Of course, I was dumbfounded. Thought Ira was tired, she needed rest, but she obviously thinks otherwise,” said Vitorgan.

Friends and acquaintances of star pair already gave so much need a newborn gift that for the next year, in recognition Vitorgan, it has nothing need.

Not denying the man and the fact that they have long dreamed of a child. In the words of Emmanuel Vitorgan, his wife had many years to fight for that in the end still become a mother.

“Irina had a hard time. She was treated like a woman, to know this huge, incredible joy. But now she’s really happy,” never ceases to inform the artist.

Yet all thoughts of the actor are linked to the future of the child. He wants to see how the girl goes to school, chooses a profession, getting married. However, while not reported Vitorgan, who looks like his newborn daughter. He only mentions that she already has a little attitude.

Fans believe that Immanuel and Irina are perfect parents. The actor literally glows with joy, and serious age in which he again became a father, absolutely embarrassing Vitorgan. He is young at heart, and it is this infinite energy helps the artist not only deal with daughter, but also to implement numerous creative projects.