Жена Эммануила Виторгана объяснила, как решилась на рождение дочери 55-year-old actor’s wife claims that she gave birth to a baby. Irina Vitorgan took a long treatment, but now she is ready to devote herself to motherhood. The star family has already chosen a name for baby girl and spoke about the appearance of the child.

February 26 Immanuel and Irina Vitorgan unexpectedly became parents. In the family of the famous actor was born a girl. And 55-year-old wife of the actor says that she took the baby.

Emmanuel Vitorgan became a father for the third time

Fans of the actor still can’t believe what happened, because the stellar family is not spread about his plans. Irina Vitorgan broke the silence and told about why decided on maternity just now.

“Emmie had long dreamed of, thought about the baby. But first I had to overcome the problems with my health. Had to wait almost 20 years to solve them. Of course, we are extremely happy,” said Irina.

Now star parents are busy pleasant troubles. The wife of the actor said that the baby is very calm in nature. The girl rarely cries, but very good eats. According to Irina, she managed without unnecessary health problems to carry a baby on their own.

The happy parents have already figured out how to call the girl. Spouse Vitorgan noted that wanted to find the baby a beautiful name that had deep meaning.

“When I read that Ethel means — noble, I realized that my choice of name “get the point” Emmanuel we have such a noble and his daughter is like him — the same dark hair, Lomachenko, it is the same as Hummocky nose, lips and forehead,” – said the happy mother.

Irina also noted that the new-born daughter looks like the son of Ksenia Sobchak Plato. According to the woman, the kids have the same face shape and forehead.

Fans of the star family was delighted with the good news. “Congratulations to you and your daughter. What is happiness, of Course, to give birth at this age is a very big risk, but well done that dare,” “a wonderful business! Now celebrities are not afraid to have late babies,” wrote fans Vitorgan.

By the way, the older brother of the newborn Ethel Maxim Vitorgan has not commented on the news. During the whole period of pregnancy, Irina, the family kept silent.

The Emmanuel Vitorgan already has two adult children, but for Irina, the girl was the firstborn. According to the website “7 days” 55-year-old wife of actor had to resort to IVF to conceive a daughter. Now this procedure has become increasingly popular among the stars who dream of becoming parents.