Wife of Emmanuel Vitorgan and Yuri Loza ambiguously spoke about the gift of juna

Жена Эммануила Виторгана и Юрий Лоза неоднозначно высказались о даре Джуны The famous healer died two years ago, but is still much debate about her abilities. Some people believe that a woman possessed superhuman abilities, while others believe junuh a fraud.
Жена Эммануила Виторгана и Юрий Лоза неоднозначно высказались о даре Джуны

For many years June was one of the most gifted healers in the USSR and Russia. Some stars, politicians and arts claimed that the woman helped them to recover from the deadly disease. There were opponents of the healer, they accused the woman of cheating and lies.

Two years after the death of the June disputes about her gift continues. In the Studio of the program “actually” with Dmitry Shepelev came Emmanuel Vitorgan with his wife Irina. The couple visited the talk show to defend the healer from the attacks of the enemies.

The artist’s wife told the guests and experts in the Studio about how he felt after the sessions Junes. According to her, she experienced a state of ease and joy. Irina said, the healer never took her money or expensive gifts. Emmanuel Vitorgan confirmed his wife’s words. He said that June helped him cope with cancer. Despite all the positive memories of an extraordinary woman, Irene refused to answer the experts ‘ questions with the polygraph sensors.

“I saw those people who helped June. I do not say a hundred percent that she fixed me. I am grateful and their doctors. She never talked about the gift and why talk about it if June so influenced people. Not everything in our life can be expanded on the shelves,” – said Irina.
Жена Эммануила Виторгана и Юрий Лоза неоднозначно высказались о даре Джуны

Yuri Loza announced guests and experts talk shows that June was a very rich woman. According to the singer, he got a son, friends advised him to take the child to the healer.

Son of George Vine: “I decided to follow the advice Kirkorov”

“I was skeptical, she knew it. So I start to show paintings, read poetry. People believed her because the placebo effect has not been canceled. Juna could not get anyone to help, even theoretically,” said the artist. Vine also remembered that in the yard of the house where a woman lived, there were many people who were waiting for her techniques.

It should be noted that the experts, doctors and psychologists, the program didn’t believe in superpowers Junes. According to experts, it just had the gift of persuasion, so some people believing her, stopped feeling pain, and believed that the disease had retreated, but the woman could not fully heal them.