Wife of Denis Klyaver publicly stripped

Жена Дениса Клявера прилюдно оголилась Irina showed a chic shape. Spouse Denis Klyaver startled his followers bold in the microblog. Followers were delighted with the chiseled figure of the wife of a famous musician.

      Denis Klyaver lives with his wife Irina for 10 years. Now the couple is raising son Daniel, who was born in September 2013. Despite the fact that the wife of Klyaver cares about family, she also never forgets about her Hobbies, including dancing. A woman so immersed in the hobby, I decided to take part in a themed photo shoot. In the photo Irina appeared in an elegant bra that flatters the bust line.

      “Good morning! Outside the window, it seems, sweetheart. And not all so sad. I will gradually share the beauty that we shot,” wrote the wife of a famous musician in the microblog.

      Followers of Irene hastened to praise the slender figure of Klyaver and admired the toned forms of the wife of a celebrity. “Unreal beautiful! Forgot what I was doing already at work”, “Goddess! Your eyes”, “Wow! Sex on a stick!”, “This gracefully, Irina,” – he stopped complimenting her followers.

      Apparently, Denis Klyaver not against such a blatant shots of his wife, which will appear in the journal. By the way, the wife of a musician is far from show business. Previously, she worked in a Bank, and then started a company making clothes for dogs.

      Irina tries to find a balance between work, home and your Hobbies. In addition to the youngest son of Daniel Klyaver also educates the elder son Timothy from his first marriage, a daughter from Eva Polna Evelina, as well as the adult heir of his wife from a previous marriage, Anastasia. Denis was of the opinion that his children should not waste time in vain, and so trying to make their schedule was at its most intense. According to celebrity, the only way to protect the child from bad influence of computer games, where there can be two different things inappropriate for children. And indeed in such entertainment of little use, so you need to keep track of time, which the heirs carried out in virtual reality.

      Eldest son Timothy is engaged in Taekwondo and has already received a black belt. The klyaver suggests that the boy will follow in the footsteps of his famous grandfather, actor Ilya Oleinikov. Timofey, in the opinion of parent, have all the necessary information for success in the field of film and TV. So Klyaver read his son a good career.