Жене Кирилла Плетнева приписали беременность Some time ago, the actor and Director has legalized relationship with his beloved Nino Ninidze. The pair decided to take this step, lived for several years in a civil marriage. According to journalists, Kirill Pletnev and his fiancee are going to be parents again.
Жене Кирилла Плетнева приписали беременность

Recently, 38-year-old actor and Director Kirill Pletnev was married to 26-year-old actress Nino Ninidze. Lovers legalized relationships after a few years lived in a civil marriage, and the birth of a son Header (Alexander). According to some reports, the couple meets for about four years.

Kirill Pletnev and Nino Ninidze got married

Nino and Cyril decided not to organize a major celebration, and gathered at the feast of the closest people. Among the guests were newlyweds rapper Vlady, congratulated them, together with his wife Vitaliy Gospodarik. Especially very happy mother of the bride Iya Ninidze, people’s artist of Georgia was the honored guest of the ceremony. According to journalists, the AI Borisovny’s double reason to be proud: the insiders told that her daughter Nino is preparing to be a mother again.

Itself the wife of Kirill Pletnev has not yet confirmed the information that was widely publicized. Probably the actress and her lover did not hurry to share joyful event, not wanting to attract too much attention. If these data are true, future baby will be the second in a row for Nino and a fourth for Cyril.

From the previous relations Pletnev has sons Theodore and George. In the summer of 2015 became aware of the novel Cyril and Nino Ninidze. Lovers together visited the festival “Kinotavr” in Sochi. Then the beloved actor showed others distinctly rounded belly, so the pair showered congratulations on the upcoming addition to the family. While on review of films, Nino and Kiril did not hide their feelings for each other. They willingly posed for photographers, holding hands. In December of the same year Ninidze and General Pletnev was born the heir to the header.

In an interview Kirill called his beloved angel and Muse. Happy Nino is constantly directed to the company at festivals. Ninidze efforts are not in vain – thanks to the support of lady Cyril received awards at festivals “Kinotavr” and “Stalker” and the award “Golden eagle”. In 2017 came the first feature film artist “Burn!” with the participation of Viktoria Isakova and Inga Oboldina. A cameo role in the film played TV presenter Olga Buzova.

Kirill Pletnev wants to shoot a drama about the “House-2” Olga Buzova

Now Pletnev lives in the same house with his wife and her mother Ia Ninidze. Soon the happy couple are going to move into the big house, according to “Express newspaper”.