Жена Бориса Беккера подала на развод
Collapsed second marriage to former tennis player.

Boris Becker and his wife Lilly


Boris Becker and his wife Lilly decided
to dissolve the marriage. They were officially married for 9 years, and only the couple had lived
together for about 13 years.

That Boris and Lilly are getting a divorce, talking after both were
seen in public without her wedding rings. Later the official representative of the
Becker, his lawyer, Christian Olivier
Moser confirmed the sad news. “The decision to end 9-year marriage was not easy.
Boris and Lilly decided to go further in life in different ways, but will remain
friends,” said a lawyer on behalf of his client. He also said that
spouse under a divorce are going together to care for their son, eight-year-old

The first rumors that the relations of Becker’s wife had serious
problems began to spread last year. Then Lilly said in
interview: “Last year was very difficult for us, and I reacted wrong in my life was too much alcohol, cigarettes and parties…
some point I realized: if so will proceed and further, I
live. Boris didn’t realize how bad I feel, he was busy with his own problems, and
we drifted apart”. The couple tried to visit a therapist, but the therapy did not help.

Speaking about the issues Becker, Lilly meant serious financial difficulties, which tried to confront Boris. He showed up debts of 54 million
pounds, and he was forced to declare bankruptcy. As
say foes of a tennis player, he was ruined on the penalties for tax evasion and child support
children. Only he has four children. In addition to Amadeus, he has two sons from
his first wife Barbara and daughter Anna from mistress Angelina Ermakova.