Wife of Arthur Martirosyan, personal life

Wife of Arthur Martirosyan, personal life

Those who do not work in the IT field, the person about whom speech will go, was unknown until the wife of Arthur Martirosyan Valentina Rubtsova did not get the role that made her famous all over the country. Then their names began to appear in the media almost constantly, but finding information about the husband of Tanya from “Uni” was not possible, while the pair itself has not started to talk about themselves.


Arthur and Valentine met in 2002, when prior to the launch of the popular series was 6 years and Rubtsov know in the music group “Girls” in which she was. The hallmark of the group was the song “Mama Said”. Despite the popularity of the team, met a couple not at the concert.

Wife of Arthur Martirosyan, personal life

A Group Of “Girls”

They were introduced to each other soloist “ivanushek” Grigoriev-Apollonov, and it happened at the premiere of “From hell”. On it a group of “Girls” came in full but strength, but in the rest of the participants to this event prepared, applying makeup and carefully selecting an outfit, Valentine arrived at the movie theater right out of the gym, dressed in gym clothes. This behavior was not due to the unwillingness to look after themselves, just in the moment exercise has helped her to keep things in order and not to fall into depression. The gym she attended in quite a furious pace – twice a day.

This simplicity, which is so rare in our time, and like Arthur in Valentina.

Despite the age difference of ten years, the entire session they talked, finding many common themes. And then the other half were “hung” on the phones, continuing the interrupted conversation.

Wife of Arthur Martirosyan, personal life

Valentine and Arthur

They had mutual feelings, but it is possible that development of relations would not have received if not for their next meeting. On tour in Sochi, where he began a biography of Arthur, they saw each other again. Since then, Arthur and Valentine did not leave.


Their personal life has developed and continues to develop in the best way. Initially with the marriage, they were in no hurry, just living together and having a good time. Besides, to get the stamp in the passport was difficult due to the fact that Valentina had yet to obtain citizenship of the Russian Federation, after all, moved to Moscow from Ukraine. Children of Arthur Martirosyan and Valentina Scar also was not for long, but then the role was played by the desire to provide the child with the best possible living conditions. At once it was impossible, due to the fact that the couple lived in a rented apartment.

In 2009, they gained the coveted joint living space, and were married.

Wife of Arthur Martirosyan, personal life

Couple show wedding rings

Two years later, Arthur Martirosyan and his wife had a charming daughter. When the pregnancy became known, Valentine has already signed a contract to star in the sitcom “I”. Fortunately, the producer went to meet the actress and has postponed the shooting until the girls are born.

In the first few months of caring for little Sonia is completely laid down on shoulders of father and mother in law with father in law. Meanwhile, Valentine appeared.

The happy couple shares their personal life, posting photos on the social network. Some of them are sleepy. The girl is very like her mother and is the proud owner of such luxurious curly hair.

Wife of Arthur Martirosyan, personal life

Arthur and Valentine’s day with their daughter Sonia

Releases family often spends in his hometown of Arthur. In Sochi, they rent an apartment close to the sea, and in the winter season, visit the Red valley, where you can enjoy skiing, or simply enjoy the beauty of the mountains.

The disorder in the family

In 2016 Valentine suddenly became a member of the scandalous project “Dom-2”, saying in the broadcast that he came back because of problems with her husband, specifically because of his infidelities.

Fans of the actress took to heart the fact that this strong, it would seem, a pair of suddenly having difficulty in a relationship.

Fortunately, later Valentina reassured all who watched the show that it was just a PR stunt to attract attention to the transmission, and Arthur generally people are not jealous.