Wife of Andrew Giulana told what they should get married

Жена Андрея Гайдуляна рассказала, чего им стоило устроить свадьбу Diana explained how there was a preparation for the celebration. The actor and his fiancee got married in Russia, and a ceremony staged in Italy. Together with the newlyweds abroad went their many friends.

      Actor Andrew Hagolan and his fiancee Diana ochilova married in September of this year. In Moscow, the couple got married, and the celebration was held in Italy. Like many newlyweds, they spent two months waiting for wedding pictures from the event. Having received the first photos from traveling, Diana decided to show them in a slide show to your subscribers in Instagram, and tell us how they managed to organize a ceremony in honor of the wedding abroad. Andrew Hagolan rolled Italian wedding

      “I want to share, as we have for the month collected our “big wedding”. How do our family and now my friends are lucky that in our beloved Italy lives the crazy organizer in all matters, our Ira! It can do everything. With a small baby, with a stroller in the teeth, with the burden on me to travel half of “heel” and download the beautiful white city for weddings, Trani! There are people who don’t know English and Russian tourists for the week to understand everything. We brought down feet in blood, acquainted with passers-by, with the fishermen and profligate, bartenders and owners of the hotels to find out where the most high-profile musicians, fresh sea urchins, the best wine and, of course, the cheapest hotel for our dear guests! A week later, we knew everything and gave us the honor. His honor we kept up to the wedding!” – wrote ochilova.

      According to the girl, with their company was different curious cases during the stay in Italy. “What is the story that night when I was left on the street because someone was tuckered out! Midnight I sat at the bar and when it closed, basking stolen from neighbors with a towel. But miracles happened every step of the way!”, – said the wife of actor.

      Recall that during the wedding, which was designed in the style of the movie “the Great Gatsby”, ochilova changed three dresses. The first was decorated with crystals and beads. Girl it sewed to order. Second outfit in delicate chiffon Diana bought in one known Moscow shops, and the third, short, ordered on the Internet. After the wedding the newly-married couples a few weeks shared pictures of the romantic trip.