Wife of Andrew Giulana broke the silence after news of the divorce

Жена Андрея Гайдуляна нарушила молчание после известия о разводе Diana ochilova posted a video in Instagram. In it, she reads poetry. As noted by the subscribers, in the book there are lines devoted to her breakup with the actor. The couple had been married for a little over a year.
Жена Андрея Гайдуляна нарушила молчание после известия о разводе

Star of TV series “Univer” Andrew Hagolan and his fiancee Diana Achilova recently celebrated calico wedding, but shortly after that decided to leave. Wife less have been together. The actor has been constantly busy working on new projects, and his fiancee were committed to the school.

Rumors of a rift went a long time. And last week the girl warmed up. She had been on a solo concert Buzova, and then published a post on Instagram.

“Olga, thank you for the space show. Energetically charged of all of its people. And to be honest, before listening to your songs and realized that you’re growing up every minute, but now they are just my state of mind” – shared ochilova with Network users.

Andrew Hagolan divorces his wife

In the microblog the girl published a black-and-white video. Diana measured reading poetry, dancing on the stage.

“She didn’t know how all that could happen. Who would have thought? That marriage will break my trust in men. Words and promises, how to trust, who to trust, what to believe. Ah, if know in advance”, – said the girl in Instagram.

Fans of the star couple has long sounded the alarm, because Hagolan and ochilova lately do not appear together, photographed together.

“They are really going to divorce her, – said the “StarHit” friends of young people. – These relations have always been complicated. Lived on a volcano – argued and reconciled, and so on. They even took a break to save his family. But nothing came of it: the guys drifted apart and each went his own way. Andrei continuous shooting, Diana educated and engaged”.

At the moment Ochilova studying acting in high school theater and have played in performances. In her spare time she goes to the movies, meeting with friends and traveling. Diana outwardly transformed – in just a few months dropped more than 10 pounds and changed her hair color being blonde. Andrew has not commented on the news about the divorce.

Recall, the lovers were married in September 2016. Before this event Hagolan and ochilova met about seven years.