Wife of Andrei Malakhov showed what it looks like after childbirth

Жена Андрея Малахова показала, как выглядит после родов
Natalia shkuleva published 5 days after the birth of her son.

Photo: Instagram

Andrei Malakhov and Natalia shkuleva became parents less than a week ago. Their son was born late in the evening of 16 November. From the hospital Andrew took his wife and kid after 3 days, and the next day in the evening, the couple first came to light. They came to the birthday party to his friend, the well-known journalist Konstantin Remchukova.

Natalia shkuleva was struck by all the star-studded party for its flourishing. 37-year-old businesswoman has proven by example that motherhood colors. Apparently, Natalia was released from the hospital without a single superfluous pounds. For the evening shkuleva chose a black fitted mid-length dress. She even wore heels, which I could not afford in the last months of pregnancy. Perfect makeup and hairstyle completed the image of a young mother.

While the parents had fun, the baby remained under the care of a grandmother, mother of Andrew, and professional nanny. For the latest in his room, as told Malakhov, put the bed. Shkuleva is not going to linger long in the decree, so she will need an experienced assistant.

By the way, Andrew and Natalia had still not decided on a name for the firstborn. This topic Malakhov even dedicated a whole broadcast their programs on the channel “Russia 1”. The audience voted for two names, Nicholas and Alexander. In the vote won the name Alexander. But friends of Andrew and Natalie offered to call the boy Andrew. In the end, the baby was named Sasha.