Супруга Андрея Аршавина возместила убытки авиакомпании
Some time ago the wife of a famous football player Andrei Arshavin Alice got into a scandal, which occurred on Board the aircraft.

Супруга Андрея Аршавина возместила убытки авиакомпании

According to information, the woman refused to comply with flight attendants and rude to them. In the end, Alice was removed from the flight and she had to cover the losses of the airline associated with it.

“After the incident with Arshavina in early January, “Aeroflot” made the decision on recovery of damages in a judicial proceeding, and January 25, 2018 submitted the statement of claim. Under the pressure of the evidence presented before the trial, the passenger in full reimbursed the expenses of the company. Money already received on account of “Aeroflot”. Thereby Arshavin admitted his guilt,” — said the airline.

After this event, Alice started to send threatening messages stewardess, posing as an employee of the FSB.

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