Wife of Andrei Arshavin: “I divorce you”

Жена Андрея Аршавина: «Я подаю на развод» The wife of the athlete claims that will not require alimony. As admitted Alice “StarHit”, it can provide for the family, as is not experiencing financial difficulties. Fiancee Arshavin is going to apply for a divorce.
Жена Андрея Аршавина: «Я подаю на развод»

The fans Andrey Arshavin had been surprised by the widespread Internet information. The player’s wife Alice said that it planned to terminate the marriage that they entered into on 1 September 2016. The couple has a daughter esena. Despite the fact that the athlete plays for FC “Kairat” and lives in Kazakhstan, he tries to spend every free moment with your loved ones. “StarHit” got in touch with Alice to learn how to do things in their family.

In discussing the separation of Andrew and Alice of Arshavina

“Soon I will file for divorce. But now, it almost doesn’t matter. We live in different cities. No material claims have, on the alimony to submit will not,” said Alice in an exclusive comments “StarHit”.
Жена Андрея Аршавина: «Я подаю на развод»

According to the wife of the footballer, she made this decision because it is connected with her professional activities. “It bothered me, but the work I’ll tell you later,” explained the young woman.

Previously, Alice argued that any disagreements they have with the husband arose. How to tell the wife to play, she decided to break off the relationship. “I just left,” said the wife of the athlete.

Жена Андрея Аршавина: «Я подаю на развод»

Many fans of the couple thought that the woman was not able to forgive the betrayal of Andrew. Recall that before the wedding, Alice had caught the choice of infidelity. The footballer was having an affair with a young model. However, according to the woman, the betrayal of her husband is not the only reason for divorce.

“Cheating was just one of the reasons that pushed me to make this decision,” shared Alice.

Earlier, the player’s wife claimed that after the affair he became even closer to her. In addition, the birth of a daughter of Eseni even more United couple.

“He has changed, became absolutely to others: attentive, caring, very trying for us. Wept when it appeared that Sasha didn’t understand how a man can do to ruin a family. Now we are fine, get a divorce I’m not going. Of course, it was hard to go through it, but all in the past. Andrew loves children, my daughter calls him dad, even though he is not native,” said Alice.

Andrey Arshavin got on very well with children of the spouse from the first marriage. According to friends of the couple, the relationship of the player and his lady seemed ideal. “Andrew did not spare money,’ he told a friend of Alice Anna. He was trying to fulfill all her wishes. Gave her carte Blanche for the General arrangement of the house – she chose the design, changed the car on the latest model of the same brand, gave Hermes bags for hundreds of thousands of rubles.”