Wife of Andrei Arshavin has ceased to conceal his daughter

Супруга Андрея Аршавина перестала скрывать дочь The wife of the athlete shared a rare shot. The photo shows the successor of Andrew and Alice of Arshavina that until then had seen only the closest people. Little fun resting in the company of relatives.
Супруга Андрея Аршавина перестала скрывать дочь

Soon the daughter of a famous football player Andrei Arshavin and his wife Alice will celebrate seven months. Little Asena was born on February 11, but fans of the star couple have still not seen her pictures. To the delight of the fans, mother of many children, we decided to show the girl and for the first time published her picture. For photos baby posing with her grandmother and children from Alice’s previous marriage. However, the face of Eseni closed heart.

Супруга Андрея Аршавина перестала скрывать дочь

The picture was taken during overseas holidays family. It is interesting that, despite her young age, this is not the first little trip abroad. Recall that the daughter of celebrities were born in the maternity hospital in Spain. After that, Arshavin together with the heiress spent abroad for a few months. Star parents considered that to be by the sea and the newborn will be better than cold Saint-Petersburg.

Sam Andrew regularly visited favorite, arriving from Kazakhstan. A friend of his wife told “StarHit” how much the player refers to the child: nurse, playing, putting to bed. According to him, the athlete doted in Eseni and trying all the free time to spend with her. It should be noted, that children and wife, he adopted as his own. Arshavin managed to build friendly relations with the heirs of Alice and participate in the education of adolescents.

Fans of couples think this time the athlete actually happily married. They believe that to forgive infidelity in a relationship can only truly loving woman. We will remind that not so long ago it became known about the novel Arshavin on the side, which lasted about a year. After learning the bad news, Alice found the strength to forgive the chosen one and give him a second chance. Wife of Andrei Arshavin about the affair: “He was crying, and I forgave”

“Our relationship with Andrew after the wedding and the birth of a daughter is much better. He has changed, became absolutely to others: attentive, caring, very trying for us. Now we are fine, get a divorce I’m not going. Of course, it was hard to go through it, but all in the past. Andrew loves children, my daughter calls him dad, even though he was not native. With the biological father she, unfortunately, doesn’t communicate,” admitted the woman, “StarHit”.