Wife of Andrei Arshavin forgive his infidelity

Жена Андрея Аршавина простила ему измены
The divorce of the famous football player has been postponed.

Andrey Arshavin with his wife Alice

Photo: Instagram

Andrey Arshavin, family life which is reminiscent of the action
the series was once again the center of attention. Recently, he publicly confessed that
cheated on his wife Alice Catimini, and admitted that ready to be punished in
the form of divorce. However, the player’s wife made a surprise announcement: Alice
Andrew forgave and even praised him for not afraid to talk about adultery
all over the country.

Answering questions from followers about how the relationship with her husband, Kazmin said that he loves Andrew, no matter what. “I really appreciate
the act of Andrew, I believe that to make a confession to the whole country — is strong. I love him and don’t think
treason mistake, promiscuity, permissiveness. They are like
children, they need
attention. Maybe in that moment, I haven’t given it,” said
Kazmina, scoring a goal of their own pride.

It seems that the divorce of Andrew
Arshavin has been postponed. About how the athlete fails to regularly “get away with
out of the water”, has recently called his former civil wife Yulia Baranovskaya. TV presenter
considers the athlete’s irresponsible, not ready to answer for his words
and actions.