Жена Андрея Аршавина впервые показала дочь The youngest child of a football player just like him – so decided to Internet users. Wife of Andrei Arshavin Alice for the first time showed the face of their common daughter Esenii. The girl is only one year and two months.
Жена Андрея Аршавина впервые показала дочь

Andrei Arshavin he is happily married to former journalist Alice Catimini. They were married in September 2016 and February 11, 2017 they have a daughter, which my parents decided to call Yesenia.

For Andrew this child was the fourth, and Alice third. Known parents who become heroes scandalous Chronicles, the girl hid from the public – showed the baby’s face until he was just a pup. Now the girl is grown up – she is already a year and two months and her mom did proudly published a photo of Esenii on Instagram. Here is her portrait, sport baseball cap, here she is with mom, here with older brother, Alice’s son from his first marriage. Internet users decided that the girl is very like her father.


“What a sweetie! Docha father’s favorite and very beautiful”, “Pretty Papa very similar! Health and happiness for you baby!” “And Arshavin all babies are beautiful and all like him,” wrote netizens.
Жена Андрея Аршавина впервые показала дочь

We will remind, Arshavin four children. Three gave birth to Julia Baranovskaya, which was the civil wife of footballer for nine years. Artem, Yana and Arseniy live with my mother in Moscow. Since then a very successful athlete in 2013 Yulia moved to the Russian capital, and eventually had a successful career on television.

The career of Arshavin, on the contrary, began to decline. In the English club “Arsenal” Arshavin had lost and in the end he lost his place in the first team.

Alice Arshavin last time the heroine of scandalous news. In the beginning of the year she had a conflict with the airline “for destructive behaviour and disobedience of the crew,” it was removed from the flight with your child and nanny. And now Alice is in a “state of war” with her ex-husband, the father of her older children by businessman Alexei kazeminy. The man doubts that the 14-year-old son Alex and 6-year-old Alice, his children, and demands a DNA test.