Wife of Andrei Arshavin faces a prison term

Жене Андрея Аршавина грозит тюремный срок
Alice opened a criminal case under three articles.

Жене Андрея Аршавина грозит тюремный срок

Andrey Arshavin


Жене Андрея Аршавина грозит тюремный срок

Olga Semenova

Photo: Social Networks

Alice Arshavina — 35-year-old
the wife of footballer Andrei Arshavin, faces a prison term. The journalist can sit down
in jail for eight years — it brought a criminal case under three articles. This
unexpected continuation was received by last year’s story, when the social networks
issued a joint photo of Andrew and centerfolds from Kazakhstan Olga
Semenova, school friend Paul Zabara, who introduced her to Andrew.

Andrey Arshavin with his wife

Photo: Instagram

A few days after
publications Olga said that Arshavin threatening her and gave Alice a statement
the Prosecutor General’s office of Kazakhstan. The first statement of 11 January
years was taken, re — from 8 February, the Prosecutor’s office adopted.

Arshavin did not expect
such development of events. ”
I have a very good team, lawyers, but that’s another Republic. We would have
he laughed, but it was her city, her country, —
said the wife of footballer resource teleprogramma.pro. Is
not just that, the girl and this Pasha wanted me to merge, so I don’t interfere with them
earn on Andrew… They needed he was free, that’s all. I
of course, I didn’t expect that Andrew so inadvertently I
under the article was framed. My lawyer with 30 years experience in shock from such nonsense in
statement. The Prosecutor General’s office took the statement, who helped her? It
it is very well prepared. I think I found it easier to sit down, to be honest. I
desperate. It is easier to go, to surrender and to serve. I hope the citizen of the Russian
Federation, committed and transferred the case to Russia…”

Now Alice, according to his lawyer, not
communicates with Arshavin and thinking about divorce. Although she is in Turkey, where it is now
at the training camp with his club “Kairat” is the football. Alice flew
there, with their common daughter — year-old Yesenia.

“For a week they do not communicate,
Arshavin is not seen with the child. Alice lives with Yesenia separately — told her
lawyer Alexander kp.ru. Alice is already thinking about divorce because
morally very tired of his behavior.