Wife of Alexander Radulov has announced she and her husband split

Жена Александра Радулова объявила о разрыве с мужем
The marriage of a hockey player lasted little more than a year.

Aleksandrr Radulov and Daria Dmitrieva

Photo: Instagram.com

As it became known, hockey player Alexander Radulov broke relations with his wife Daria Dmitrieva. On the causes of the collapse of the marriage of the star couple have not yet been reported, but the one forward of “Montreal” alluding to the fact that the initiative for the severance came from Alexander.

Social networking Daria publishes ironic statements about his departure. “But I promised to care, to love, to cherish,” she murmured, burying the corpse,” he joked the other day Dmitrieva. Apparently, the decision to divorce was made a couple months ago. Recently she told me that the last six months in her life was going “hell” and that she is glad that he came to an end.

“Well, my friends! That’s all! Just six months later, and this hell is finally over. Thank you for everything! Good luck, God bless you!” — said Daria, accompanied by his message crossed out a picture with the bride.

Recall that Radulov and Dmitriev married in August 2015, and in November of the same year they had a son Makar. In the summer of 2016 hockey player with his wife organized a big wedding. The ceremony was a large number of guests, among whom were Lera Kudryavtseva and her husband Igor Makarov.