Жена Александра Носика встретилась с соперницей Leading the program “Let speak” Andrey Malakhov tried to understand the complex family situation of the actor. Alexander Nosik left his wife, then had an affair with the singer Anastasia kranovoj. Movie star is not officially divorced, as it believes this to be a matter of time.
Жена Александра Носика встретилась с соперницей

A few months ago in a press there were rumors that the actor Alexander Nosik left his wife Olga for ex-“fabrikantki” Nastya kranovoj. Some time actor and singer assured that they are connected only friendship. However, they failed to keep the affair secret. Fans of the Nozzle is not believed that he could throw a beautiful wife and began to speculate what had happened in the family of a celebrity. Today, the program “Let speak” Andrey Malakhov invited to the Studio of Alexander, his new passion Anastasia and the wife of actor Olga to understand how it really is. Alexander Nosik told the guest about the marriage with the new girl

After rumors of the new novel star of the TV series “Mukhtar” has denied the information about the break-up with his wife in his microblog. In the Studio the Spout admitted that his relationship with the soloist of group “Tutsi” began after breaking up with his wife.

“I’m up to the last moment try not to stand to hide his personal life,” the justified man.
Жена Александра Носика встретилась с соперницей

However, Andrey Malakhov recalled that after the wedding, Alexandra and Olga, the whole country knew the details of their wedding night. The actor said that it was only the initiative of his lady. According to him, the thirst for publicity and became kind of the impetus for their breakup.

“Or I’m not that strong man to hold and be respected for Olga, or we do the equivalent beings, and Olga’s own point of view, which is not always, or rather often does not coincide with mine,” confessed Alexander.

Nosik said that while he was still officially married. The man said that he had no time to issue securities. However, the experts in the Studio noted – they can divorce in absentia, as the couple has no children. Alexander admitted that he left the apartment Olga.

Andrey Malakhov asked, could the lack of successors be the reason for the gap. Nosik said that the children should be continuing happiness.

The Studio came Olga. To the surprise of all the spectators in the Studio, Alexander hugged his wife. The woman explained that couples should be able to nicely to disperse.

“Sasha has a right to their privacy. We are very much approaching the point of divergence, it must have lasted several years. We realized at some point I must diverge to a distance. It wasn’t that Sasha was gone and I was left in misery. Yes, I was mad at Sasha, we were constantly on the move, on the phone. Then I realized that we should not be angry, but to understand what is happening,” explained the wife of the actor.
Жена Александра Носика встретилась с соперницей

Olga admitted that at some point they felt that their passionate love turned into sympathy relatives. As stated by Alexander, they decided to divorce six months ago.

Andrey Malakhov invited to the Studio the singer Anastasia Krainov. She embraced first with Olga, and then with Alexander. It really surprised all of the guests, as often women perceive each other only as rivals and try to stay as neutral as possible.

Жена Александра Носика встретилась с соперницей

Ex-” “star factory “participant” admitted that a year ago I broke up with her boyfriend and long time experienced. When she had the idea to make a video, she invited Alexander to play one of the roles. Then between them broke out feeling.

Nose admitted that have not yet introduced to Anastasia with their relatives, but the actor was in for a surprise on the program came the mother of the singer. Ludmila Krainova remembered that the learned of the Roman daughter in social networks. Only then the actress said about the new relationship. Mom do not mind that Anastasia’s husband divorced.

Жена Александра Носика встретилась с соперницей

Experts could not believe that in this situation everyone happy. They were surprised that Olga inoffensive in six years of marriage that ended. The woman herself admitted that she’s free and she has a great ability to choose men. After these words the wife of the Spout tears and said that her love for Alexander had reached such a level, that she was fine when her husband happy, albeit with another.