Супруга Александра Маслякова ответила на сообщения о его смерти The woman has denied the rumors, which appeared online some time ago. According to Svetlana anatolevny, to Alexander okay. Now the famous TV host is located in Sochi.

In the Network appeared the information that the famous TV presenter Alexander Maslyakov supposedly died on 76-m to year of life. According to information that appeared in the Internet, the man died in one of hospitals of Sochi as a result of a stroke.

Many Internet users put forward the version that the information publicized on the Network, not true. No official confirmation of the rumors, mussirovanie on the Internet, has not been received. “StarHit” contacted the wife of Alexander Maslyakov Svetlana Anatolievna with questions about the state of health of her husband. A woman has denied speculation that the entertainer allegedly suffered a stroke. She assured that with the famous TV presenter was all right.

“Well, it’s bullshit, who is to speak. Alexander is a business trip or on vacation, he’s in Sochi. Everything about him is good, and what you wish for”, – with these words, Svetlana commented on the “StarHit” the rumors about the deteriorating health of her husband.

Let’s remind, that Alexander Maslyakov was born on 24 Nov 1941 in Sverdlovsk. On account of well-known leading numerous awards. The showman is the founder and owner of television creative Association “AMIK” – the organizer and producer of popular TV show “KVN”.

Over the years, which Maslyakov broadcast transmission, it has become more than the leading. What has been called aspiring comedians Alexander Vasilyevich – Master, Keeper, Alaskacam. Many artists believe the man unquestioned authority and one of the main persons in the WHC. Colleagues of Alexander Vasilyevich speak of him as an outstanding and talented professional, a great family man, and remarkable person.

I wonder what the basis of the WHC formed of the TV show “Evening funny questions,” which ran on the model of the Czech program “Gad, Gad, fortune-teller”. In the Soviet transmission could take part not only the players but also the spectators, who themselves often joked, causing a storm of applause of others.

Son Alexander followed in his footsteps. He began his career as the presenter of the program “Planeta KVN” in 1999. Several years later, the heir to the celebrity began to broadcast in the Premier League.