Wife of Alexander Malinin’s baiting him with jealousy

Супруга Александра Малинина изводит его ревностью The famous singer married to Emma for almost 30 years. They are happily married and raising two kids, twins frola and Ustino. However, in the family Malinin is not so well formed, because Alexander mobbed by groupies.

Personal life Alexander Malinin is a huge interest of the audience and journalists. The wife of singer Emma rarely communicates with the media, the actor also not commented on their relationship. This year, the performer of songs marks 59 years, in honor of the birthday of the star couple decided to tell about how she kept love and loyalty to each other. The couple are raising twins frola and Ustino. Young man interested in art, and the girl tries his hand at the scene.

Alexander and Emma had met by chance at one of the performances of the artist. The singer immediately admitted his beloved’s feelings, and she, in turn, considered Malinin too serious.

“I just signed the photo “With best wishes”, “yours”, the familiar “love. A. Malinin”. And she — “Amy, I love you!” She thought: what a thoughtless man!” – said Alexander.

The actor said that from an early age was very loving. Malinin was married twice before I met Emma. “Conquered girls on every visit to summer camp, then in the army. In General, if I pick up a guitar and sing — all the girls are mine! Even friend Emma in such moments are in love with me,” said Alexander. In his opinion, this man should think, first and foremost, about family and relatives.

The singer shared that his wife is much more emotional. “It was especially hard at first: she could not adapt to the wild conditions of my work. Coming home tired, and we have guests whom she sees for the first time. Losing her temper, even though I warned: right now, you’ll probably want to leave would be bad for me, but I won’t run you to catch up. Three years later it became easier,” recalled the artist.

Over the years of joint life of the spouse of the singer has learned to smooth out the rough edges and accustomed to the strange habits of famous husband. For example, Malinin could give the beloved flowers, which he presented to female fans. Artist easy money, he is willing easily spend the entire fee in one day.

“His frankness astonishes, and you’re already thinking: better honesty than a lie. I recently had a birthday, and he night came from touring. In the morning, going to work, and the most interesting: Wake up or not? Prior to that, stood up, gave flowers. And then bought butterflies the whole package… Say, “Well Sasha, well it’s not my hobby! — And I want you too fond of”. Transferred everything to a joke. Know: if possible, it will make me that gift that you want. Morning stand — so evening flowers buy. Necessarily,” shared Emma.

Malinin support throughout famous spouse. Several years ago, the artist was seriously ill and even briefly left the stage, loving wife was always there.

“Had not worked for two months, recovered — had an appendicitis. All right — suddenly gets into an accident in which miraculously still alive. Then again… And so for about ten months. I tried not to provoke depression, saying, hurt worse, crash harder, and the car — God is with her,” shared Emma.

Alexander and Emma agrees, both spouses would be unable to forgive the infidelity of a partner. “Betrayal will not forgive anyone, neither husband nor friend nor friend. Black treachery behind. I am a straight man, and if you don’t like it, hint about it,” Malina told the journalists of the newspaper “Arguments and facts”.