Wife of Alexander Malinin has publicly criticized his father

Жена Александра Малинина публично раскритиковала его отца
For several years now, the famous singer Alexander Malinin does not communicate with the family of his father.

Жена Александра Малинина публично раскритиковала его отца

Recently, the same musician was accused that he was not assisting his father, who was in the hospital. At the same time, his wife Emma announces the intention of the family to obtain from Alexander money.

“We do not need to impose a false sense of guilt that we don’t deserve. Who do you sympathize with? The man who allowed himself to humiliate his son, and to the public? Which often showed cruelty and physical violence towards him, and towards his mother and brother? Of course, now lacks love, warmth and care from their sons.

But love is not begging, running around the talk shows and continuing to insult our family by exploiting the fact of fatherhood as an obligation to the son for the love of ourselves. Love can only be earned, giving his love, care and attention to the child, giving of themselves, investing their soul into the child,” said the woman.

Emma argues that because of these family conflicts at his husband often deteriorating health.

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