Wife of Alexander Malinin has accused his family of lying

Жена Александра Малинина обвинила его родственников во лжи The scandals around the family of the singer do not cease. Malinin was repeatedly reproached for not helping family. The current Alexander’s wife Emma told how things are going with relatives.
Жена Александра Малинина обвинила его родственников во лжи

Wife of Alexander Malinin Emma told reporters about the scandals in the family of the singer. According to the woman, stroke father Nikolai Vyguzova is made up of his wife Tatyana. Emma believes that ex-wife Alexandra Olga Zarubina is also trying to tarnish their family because of envy.

Жена Александра Малинина обвинила его родственников во лжи“This is all empty talk that spin for a long time thanks to the lady who returned from America. She has an accomplice – a young wife of Nikolai Stepanovich. The father of Sasha and there was no stroke. They are all up – wind the whole team rogue. I this question is not interfering. Sasha has a brother Oleg, who lives near the father, the mother, who is aware of everything happening. Dad I only saw on the transmission. Wife of Nikolay Stepanovich beneficial to twist, and we don’t want to spend time on courts,” – said Emma.

Emma added that the relatives of the singer are jealous of his success. According to the wife of artist Nicholas vyguzov a good living and even attend concerts of famous son. “These people are beneficial to themselves to unwind, to depict the poor relations,” said Malinin.

Reporters contacted the wife Vyguzova Tatiana Vasilievna. The woman denied the words of Emma Malinina.

“October 4 in the backdrop of increased pressure the husband had a stroke. It is absolutely inadequate. Says nonsense. To answer a question and then forget what it all was about. Children, Alexander, Oleg, I don’t want my dad to chat. For some reason, I can not say. I say that offended him because he left their mother. But father Alexander was raised! He left me when Malinin was 30 years old. Threw a little, as the same Alexander did with his daughter Kira. Malinin contradicts himself. Emma is so inadequate as her husband. To us, the journalists came, shot Nicholas as he lies in hospital,” – said Vyguzova.

According to Tatyana Vasilevny, the father of Alexander Malinin’s not faking and really need help. The hospital, which is a male, located about sixty kilometers from home men. “In the house complain to him, he knocks on the walls, to sleep does not give anyone. Come feeding, because Nikolai Stepanovich’t feed myself,” he told the newspaper “the Interlocutor” Vyguzova.