Wife of Alexander Gordon enjoying second pregnancy

Жена Александра Гордона наслаждается второй беременностью Wife of Alexander Gordon shared with subscribers of a photograph, which appeared with a distinctly rounded belly. In a short time in the family of the artist expected completion. A young woman eagerly awaits the day when having a baby.

      In his microblog Noza Abdulvasieva put the which has caused the affection of Internet users. Members once again congratulated the wife of Alexander Gordon with the upcoming birth of the baby. Strongly rounded belly of the young mother gave followers the idea that parents look forward to the addition in the near future. Apparently, NASA feels good and absolutely no worries over the health of the baby.

      Infant son of Alexander Gordon lit up on the TV

      It should be noted that Abdulvasieva not so frequently published in social networks pictures showing their interesting position. Therefore, for members of the wife of Gordon a pleasure to watch such pictures. Often NASA shares footage with his son Sasha and her husband Alexander. Just a month ago the heir of the pairs was two years old, what the young woman hastened to inform followers.

      “You’re beautiful!” “Baby in the tummy”, “time wait”, “What tummy has grown!” – I wrote to commenters on Instagram.

      Some netizens are very interested in the sex of a child. It seems that this time the light will be a girl. Anyway, commentators hope that the final stage of the pregnancy goes well, and Nosy will not have complications, especially this baby will be the second. Followers continue to observe the family idyll prevails in the relations Abdullayeva first and Gordon. The head of the family with trepidation to the son, showing love not only in social networks but in real life. In February this year while recording one of the programmes year-old heir to the celebrity appeared at the Studio. The boy’s father could not restrain his smile did not hide his joy to be with family, even at such a moment.

      Recall that the total Nosy son Alexander was born in October 2014. The boy was named in honor of his father, and the decision a young mother took herself. And despite a significant age difference, the couple do not have a misunderstanding.