Жена Александра Анатольевича

A famous and charming MTV VJ Alexander Anatolyevich is one of the most popular and attractive leading men. His indomitable charisma and energy is of great interest to the person.

Since close friends started to call Belonogov Sasha only as “Alexander”, is an unusual nickname entrenched in the society and his name was used did not use.

		Жена Александра Анатольевича

Famous as a broadcaster and DJ, the lion’s share of popularity complemented and personal life Alexander Anatolyevich. Belonogov in my life was married and divorced not once, but public attention was attracted by the third wife of Alexander Anatolyevich, which was pretty young fashion model Valeria Snopkov.

Holiday romance March by Mendelssohn

Met Alexander and Valeria during the resort in Courchevel. The first meeting gave the girl a special experience. She initially didn’t even recognize well-known TV presenter, despite the fact that a lot of times seen him on the TV screen.

Belonogov seemed to her too serious a man, but closer communication Snopkov found it a pleasant and interesting companion, and his seriousness was purchased for her enchanting touch.

Fateful acquaintance grew into a happy, rich novel. For a year the lovers enjoyed each other’s company without feeling the slightest embarrassment from the difference in age, which was 23 years.

		Жена Александра Анатольевича

Third wife of Alexander Anatolievich

Alexander from his first marriage had a son Yaroslav Stroganov, and he was-fed peers new passion lover’s father. The happy couple cherished thoughts of a future together and wanted to legalize their relationship. Personal life Alexander Medvedev needed that she was adorned and endowed with the warmth of wife and children. Valeria was looking forward to the moment when the beloved will propose to her. And once that day has come.

		Жена Александра Анатольевича

Photo: Lera Kudryavtseva, Valeriya Snopkov, and Aleksandr Anatolyevich

Alexander and Valeria were at that time in Belgium and vacationing in one of the cozy cafes. Suddenly, in the eyes of the astonished girls Belonogov asked all staff to temporarily leave, and leave them alone. When the cafe emptied, Alexander the most romantic way, asked Valeria to become his lawful wife. Beauty happily agreed.

An awesome couple

The news of the wedding was all an unexpected surprise, but the bride and groom never ceased to amaze loved ones, and celebrities are invited to this celebration. The wedding day appointed is not a Saturday or a Sunday, and the weekday.

		Жена Александра Анатольевича

Usually the bride goes to the altar in a white dress, but the couple distinguishes itself. In front of shocked guests Valeria appeared in a luxurious black dress.

Divorce Alexander Anatolyevich third wife

Advice and love reigned in their family for about seven years. A couple times there was talk about the desire to have a baby. Son of Alexander Yaroslav repeatedly expressed to them the request about the acquisition of a brother or sister. But this Union has not culminated in the birth of an heir.

Gradually the idyll that reigns in the family Belonogov, evaporated and in its place had squabbles and misunderstandings. Alexander as a well-known figure has always had crowds of fans wanting to take photos with their idol. Anchorman easily agree to pose with everyone. However, these photos were brought to the rabies wife of Alexander Anatolyevich. Every time, seeing the image of the man she loved in the company of strange girls, she was very nervous, and my husband rolled a scene of jealousy.

Alexander, being a serious man, always obey the principle that “each thing in its place”, and experienced a huge annoyance, watching the irresponsible attitude of Valeria to order in the house. Soon these reasons led to the breakup of their relationship.

Later Alexander would say that it was a year full of love, adding: “Apparently did not work”

Cheerful groom

Personal life Alexander Medvedev in the third time has undergone a divorce. To his 50-th anniversary of Alexander again joined the ranks of the bachelors, but he hopes that his biography will be the same one who decorate his life.

He is now optimistic about the future and waiting to meet their second half.