Wife of Abraham Russo calls him child support through the court

Жена Авраама Руссо требует с него алименты через суд On the eve of the broadcast program of the First channel, the famous singer did not rule out the possibility of reconciliation with his wife Morelos. But she is not ready to meet Abraham. Morel filed a lawsuit in which he demanded to dissolve the marriage and recover from the artist cash for the children.
Жена Авраама Руссо требует с него алименты через суд

On Thursday in the program “actually” discussed the situation in the family of Abraham Russo. Some time ago, the artist said about the problems in the marriage and suggested to my wife Morell to divide joint property. Spouse Abraham was extremely surprised by his behavior. She hired lawyers and started talking about divorce.

Avraam Russo is ready to return to his wife

In the transfer of Dmitry Shepelev Russo suggested to the wife to forget the contradictions which have arisen between them. Despite the fact that the singer, according to the polygraph, the unfaithful spouse, he is ready to come to her in America and make up. However, apparently, Abraham is no way back. On Friday, the lawyer Kate Gordon reported that Morel Russo has no plans to return to her husband. December 7, the woman filed the petition for dissolution of marriage, alimony and division of jointly acquired property.

“Marital relationships I have with the defendant did not work, our marriage has virtually collapsed, we live with the Respondent separately, a marital relationship, we do not support, do not lead a joint economy, – the statement says Merely in the Istra city court. – Abraham Rousseau, there are significant and inherent contradictions, we have a different understanding of family, roles of husbands in the family, a different attitude to the upbringing of children, questions of loyalty to the spouse, because of what happen quarrels and impossible cohabitation and the preservation of the family”.
Жена Авраама Руссо требует с него алименты через суд

According to the wife of Abraham Russo, she set up very seriously. “I decided to dissolve the marriage with the defendant, as in the current situation, preserve the family because of his irresponsible behaviour, leaving families without a livelihood and infidelity,” said the wife of the artist.

Abraham Russo has registered their relationship with the American Morelos, Ferdman in early September 2005. Wedding couples was held in Israel for the Christmas holidays. Abraham and Morely two children, three – year and ten-year Avemaria Emanuella.

For the first time about the difficulties in the family of the artist became known in October 2017. Avraam Russo has told to Andrey Malakhov about the problems in his marriage. The contractor admitted that he is on the verge of divorce. From the couple seemed ideal, so fans of the singer were surprised to learn about the claims of spouses to each other.

Жена Авраама Руссо требует с него алименты через суд“Our problems have lasted quite a long time, but we never spoke about it. I don’t think she claims the money. My goal was to keep the family together, because we have two children, second child only three years old. I didn’t want to taste this bitter divorce… I’m trying to keep the family together for the sake of the children,” said Russo.