Wife of Abraham Russo begs him to return to his family

Жена Авраама Руссо умоляет его вернуться в семью Morel experiences for children. Spouse Abraham Russo hopes that he would have to leave the idea of divorce and division of property. Apparently, while the musician does not intend to change its decision to leave the people close to him.
Жена Авраама Руссо умоляет его вернуться в семью

In early October, a famous singer Avraam Russo stated that he is preparing to divorce. For all fans of his work it was a real surprise, because for 12 years of their relationship with Morelos seemed perfect. The actor spoke about his intention in the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. Avraam Russo is preparing to divorce

However, the news of the divorce were really impressed by his wife. According to Morely, she learned about the decision of the husband of talk show. The woman was in shock by the act of Abraham and could not believe that all this is happening really.

Apparently, a month later to the Russos, so nothing has changed. The wife of a musician gives him a chance to correct the situation and return to her daughters.

“I ask God to Abraham woke up, realized what he was doing. I sincerely believe that he was just confused, and I hope that as a man he will find the strength and will correct the situation in which he found himself and which drew the people close to him, and made it all public. I pray for it every day, not for themselves but for their children,” Morel wrote in the microblog.

The followers have supported his wife Russo. They hope that soon her life will improve. Some believe that Abraham will come to their senses and return to family, while others believe that the woman will be happier after the divorce. Fans wished Morell to gain strength and patience to cope with this difficult situation. Avraam Russo wife accused him of fraud

The wife of the musician is very worried about children – the Emanuella and the Ave Maria. She admitted: it’s hard to explain to an older child what is happening. According to Morely, the girl constantly wondered why daddy hasn’t called her and afraid that he didn’t love her anymore. Morel doesn’t understand how a spouse can be so cruel to do that to loved ones.

“So why do people who advertise their faith, is covered by God and by the Church, at the wedding promised to be next in sorrow and in joy, and as head of the family to care for his wife and children, refuses them and betrays them”, – says the wife of Abraham.