Wife Nikita Presnyakov commented on her pregnancy

Жена Никиты Преснякова прокомментировала свою беременность
Alena Presnyakov answered questions from fans.

Photo: Instagram

Model Alena Krasnova has become especially popular on the Internet when she married Nikita Presnyakov, senior heir of two musical dynasties. The young man — also a musician, as his stellar parents, and grandparents, but Nikita to universal respect for, decided to break myself. While it has achieved small success in this field, however, for his personal life, fans of star families are watching very carefully.

Especially all interested in the question, when is Nikita going to do Kristina Orbakaite grandmother, “young” father, Vladimir Presnyakov-younger grandfather, a “young” mother Alla Pugacheva great-grandmother. 26-year-old Nikita is in no hurry to become a father. Moreover, his wife and all 21. The girl is studying in third year of University, and about children not yet conceived.

However, recently photos of Alena forced fans to suspect that the girl is “interesting” position. Always slender Alena suddenly started wearing baggy clothes, that is the first sign of a “secret” pregnancy of the stars. Fans decided not to think and ask girls straight out: Yes or no.

“No, I’m not pregnant — admitted the model. — We do not make. And how many kids we’ll have, I don’t know.”

The sincerity of the girl is hardly necessary to doubt, because she honestly answers all the questions she is asking in the Network. For example, she admitted that increased the lips.

“In February of last year, “stung” again!” — said Alain.