Жена Никиты Преснякова похвасталась идеальной фигурой в купальнике
Young couple resting in Miami.

Alena Krasnova

Photo: Instagram

Nikita Presnyakov and
his beautiful wife Alena Krasnova relax in the hot Miami and share gorgeous
photos in Instagram. The wife of the musician has pleased his fans
graceful figure in a bathing suit, getting a lot of good messages in his address.

Girl posing on the beach, choosing a swimsuit that emphasized every curve of her
body. Members were delighted with the gorgeous tan Alena Krasnova, after
what drew attention to the appearance of beloved musician. They called it
beautiful, with great taste, and then jokingly mentioned the competition
with Hollywood stars.

“Alan, no words. Hollywood star on vacation.
Swimsuit — chic, and photos — all gun. Nikita definitely feel every
time she looks at you. And jealous of myself”, “Beautiful and tasteful as
always”, “Alena, You are such a beautiful girl”, “Very cool swimsuit,” write
in the comments fans Presniakovas.

In America, Nikita Presnyakov usually stays in the house
his mother, where his Alena is always happy to see.

“In Miami I feel at home, — says Christina Aguilera. — We have already got here household. I’m in the US many friends. Bored! In sports,
some household things — go shopping in the evening go to the movies. All the time
some kind of program. There is nothing that a day of sitting on the couch. All the time
I want to go out, something to do, somewhere
to go. I am by nature the kind of person that can’t sit idle!