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The life of Nikita Mikhalkov is like a ladder by which he rose steadily, removing one after the other quality films. However, successful is not only his career but also personal life. Wife Nikita Mikhalkov was with him for many years, creating a large and strong family.

First wife

Few people know that young Nikita was married to Anastasiya Vertinskaya. Probably because the marriage only lasted two and a half years. Both spouses had strong leadership qualities, therefore, to live under one roof two “commanders” was very difficult.

Father Mikhalkov, famous poet, aptly called this Union “training”.

		Жена Никиты Михалкова Татьяна

Nikita and Anastasia

Young people simply had no idea what marriage is. They were both constantly busy on the set of Anastasia as an actress, and Nikita just started to get into directing and make their first steps in this direction. In addition, Mikhalkov firm belief that a woman should stay home and take care family, was irritated by the active nature Vertinskaya. To sacrifice your career for a man she wasn’t going to, even given the fact that they already had a son, Stepan.

Mikhalkov’s first wife left him, taking him a son.

Second wife

Second wife of Nikita Mikhalkov Tatyana Soloveva, at that time the favorite model of Slava Zaitsev.

		Жена Никиты Михалкова Татьяна

Tatiana E. in his youth

Despite frequent photo shoots, she was very humble, and this attracted the attention of the then already famous actor and Director. Their personal lives were brought together by a movie – they met at the premiere of “Telegram”. Quickly fascinated by the new friend, Nikita began to have signs of attention Tatiana Evgen’evna.

		Жена Никиты Михалкова Татьяна

Nikita and Tatiana

They both already had a bad experience associated with the divorce process, however, the pair quickly married just a few months after Dating Mikhalkov was standing in front of a girl on one knee, offering her his hand and heart. This was attended by many of their friends and acquaintances. Incredibly embarrassed, but happy, Tatiana agreed.

Soon after that Nikita was taken to the army and not just anywhere, but right on the Kamchatka Peninsula. The lovers shared a great distance, but they never forgot about each other. Nikita remembered about his bride, of Tatyana’s personal life also did not appear to anyone else.

For the time that Mikhalkov gave the duty to the Motherland, the family Soloviev had to move, but Nikita on arrival in Moscow did not let down, and found the girl.

The wedding was held in the capital, and in the city of Grozny, where Mikhalkov filmed his first film. A year later the couple had a daughter, named Anna. Tatiana could continue his career after the birth of a child, but strict beliefs Nikita gets to him. Wife Nikita Mikhalkov ended the occupation of modeling and devoted herself to her family and hearth.

		Жена Никиты Михалкова Татьяна

Mikhalkov Family

Unlike Anastasia, the first wife Nikita, Tatiana didn’t have the same ambitions and cantankerous character, so it was a joy to watch the house. Besides, after a while Kuznetsova was able to realize themselves in the field of fashion: she created the Foundation “Russian silhouette”, which is dedicated to the search and development of young talented designers. In addition, now the woman travels a lot and attends fashion shows, popularizing Russian folk motifs, reflected in clothing.

		Жена Никиты Михалкова Татьяна

Tatyana and Vyacheslav Zaitsev

In 1975, the family happened replenishment – born boy named Tom, and 12 years later, and the girl Hope. Children of Nikita Mikhalkov went in his father’s footsteps and is now also involved in cinema.


To the education of first-born parents came with great responsibility, so Anna grew up in a strict discipline.

		Жена Никиты Михалкова Татьяна

Anna with her parents

Since childhood she was surrounded by famous actors and Directors, producers and designers, so her choice might seem obvious. In fact, the girl hesitated to the last whether she should link her life with the film. To finally solve everything, she went to study in Switzerland, where he studied history and kinematografa associated with filming processes.

After two years, she returned to Russia, where he was admitted to VGIK, who graduated with honors. Obviously, despite these successes, it is also lived the question, so she got the second higher education – legal. But in the future it did not need it.

His future wife Anna met the dashing nineties. They were albert Tanks. In a marriage that are not destroyed and to this day, had two sons.

		Жена Никиты Михалкова Татьяна

Anna with kids

Unlike her older sister, Hope, since childhood, decided that I would become an actress and already at the age of six was filming a new movie.

Soon after she began attending acting classes, but a head teacher called his father.

But the role of mother can not be omitted – in 2001 he released a clothing collection called “Nadine”.

Like Anne, Hope decided to get another degree that is not associated with the movie. She came to the University at the faculty of journalism. But shooting the girl gave up, managing to make movies even while studying.

		Жена Никиты Михалкова Татьяна

Hope and Anna

Two years after graduation in Georgia she met a Director by the name of Rezo Gigineishvili. The pair did not prevent the fact that the man was married, and soon they were married. In 2011 they had a daughter Nina, and in 2013 – the son of Ivan.

		Жена Никиты Михалкова Татьяна

Hope with her husband

Unfortunately, not everything went smoothly, and in 2017, the Hope announced his divorce caused by a cheating husband. After a time subsided, and now Rezo takes an active part in the upbringing of children.

The hardest may have had son Artem Mikhalkov. After all, he, as heir, constantly had to prove that he is worthy of that name, and reaches only through their own efforts, and not kinship with a famous Director.

		Жена Никиты Михалкова Татьяна

Nikita Mikhalkov and his son Artem

In childhood and adolescence Artem often heard from his peers that he’s spoiled star parents. The first time he suffered greatly from such bias, but could still prove to others that he is not worse.

After studying in America, the young man returned Home and joined the film Institute. His first short film won several awards, and then followed by many other works that made him famous.

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